Top 3 Mercedes Diagnostic Tools for Technician


When using software to diagnose, read/delete errors, coding, and programming… you need a connection device between the vehicle and the computer. Currently, on the market, there are many Mercedes diagnostic tools for the technician. Which device should the technician choose? In this article, Eurocartool will summarize for you the top 3 most used equipment when repairing Mercedes models today.

Mercedes Diagnostic Tools

Each device has its advantages in terms of design, structure, and function,… but they will have common features when working with software

  • Support in-depth diagnostics of all vehicle systems
  • Read and clear errors in all systems in depth.
  • Read data from all vehicle systems in real-time.
  • Activate the check of all transmission systems on the vehicle.
  • Reset and reset the original values ​​of the vehicle systems.
  • Encode all engine control boxes, chassis, bodywork, and gauges.
  • Diagnostic and remedial guidance directly in the software.
  • Supports activation of all vehicle systems.

Mercedes Diagnostic Tools for Technician

SD Connect C4

C4 Doip deThe vice is one of the most used Mercedes diagnostic tools by technicians today. According to the evaluation technicians, C4 Doip is stable on all diagnostic, lookup, coding and programming software.
C4 Doip has the following outstanding features:

  • Supports Mercedes Benz 12V and 24V trucks. Supports the Doip Protocol.
  • Language support: English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Perfection, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish Nha, Sweden, Turkey, China.
  • Support Wifi connection
  • C4 DOIP has good quality, waterproof, shockproof
  • No batteries are required to update the firmware.
  • C4 DOIP is compatible with all Mercedes software.

See details of C4 Doip dethe vice here: SD Connect C4

Currently, C4 is the most stable device when connected to Mercedes-Benz specialized software to perform diagnostics, lookup, coding and programming.
With an affordable price, this will be a great choice for you.




The C6 device is an upgraded version from previous generations C4 and C5, so it will inherit functions from previous generations. It’s definitely the better rated device, but it’s also more expensive than other devices.
Highlights of the device C6

  • Doip connection protocol
  • Compact design, good materials suitable for working in the workshop, garage
  • Diagnosed for the latest models
  • Compatible with most Mercedes software
  • Does not work with old Mercedes software such as HHTWIN
  • Support diagnostics for small trucks, heavy trucks

See equipment details here: C6 ORIGINAL


You can refer to some software compatible with Mercedes diagnostic tools: Xentry Openshell/Xentry Passthru, Wis/Arsa, Vediamo, DTS Monaco…. see detail here: Mercedes diagnostic software


SUPER MB PRO M6 diagnostic device is an upgraded version of C4 DOIP used by Mercedes-Benz diagnostic experts with offline encryption, compatible with all vehicle models and diagnostic software. Easily connect OBDII source for updates, high stability wide range WI-FI communication. Easy firmware update without battery, just plug in OBDII port for power. Singal Wi-Fi excellent communication distance and stability

It can work with all Mercedes-Benz software. However, to use it you need an online account to be able to code and program online.


The above are 3 devices used with the best Mercedes software today. They have similar functionality, so you can choose to use them with any device. However, the price of C6 is more expensive than C4, depending on your ability to pay, you can choose the most suitable device.

Currently, the VCI C6 and MB PRO M6 device with a more compact, powerful . Or if you just want to invest a small amount of money to have a device with full features, you can refer to C4 Doip. If you are a technician or a garage owner, or you are just an auto repair lover. Then this is definitely the product for you. Hope the above information is useful, if you want to refer to the detailed product information, please click the article link.

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