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Tool for BMW are special tools used in the BMW repair process. Currently, there are many tools for technicians, but Eurocartool has compiled for you the top 3 most necessary tools in this article.

What is a tool for BMW?

Tool for BMW are tools used in the process of repairing BMW vehicles. These are necessary equipment such as power meters, disassembly tools, pressure testers, electrical testing equipment, …
If you are a beginner technician, you will probably be confused about choosing the right tools. In the auto repair profession, you will need a lot of preparation. However, your budget may not be enough, you can refer to the most necessary tools for technicians below.

Top 3 tools for technicians

Multimeter ideal

A multimeter is an indispensable device in a technician’s toolbox. When repairing a vehicle’s electrical system, a technician must always check the parameters of the current meticulously.
The main function of this meter is to measure common electricity with 4 main functions: Measure resistance, measure current, measure DC voltage, and measure AC voltage. In addition, there are some other types of power meters that also have functions such as measuring resistance, frequency, capacitor, diode, and continuity.

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Using a multimeter is the first and most basic step in the car repair process.
The design of the multimeter is usually simple, the buttons are clear, the display is clear, and the processing speed is fast.
Currently, on the market, there are many types of multimeters, but depending on your ability to pay, you can choose the right device.
In addition, when conducting vehicle inspections, you must move and check in narrow and small places. Therefore, you should choose devices with compact designs, easy to carry, and use for the most convenience.

Disassembly tool

The disassembly tool is a set of detailed equipment that makes the technician’s mechanical repair process faster and easier. It is considered the technician’s best support friend that is indispensable.
Disassembled kits often have many details, but basically, all have the following tools: Wrench, pliers, scissors, spanner, handle, hexagon, and mouthpiece, …
Currently, there are many types sold in the market, the difference between the disassemble tools is the material, origin and number of components in it such as 41-piece, 108-piece, and 150-piece kit. ..

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Criteria for choosing disassembly toolkits: You don’t have to choose toolkits with lots of details. It depends on your intended use and level of payment.

Diagnostics tool Diagnostic

Diagnostic tools Iis one of tool for BMN, which is include devices and software with functions of reading errors, clearing errors, looking up circuit diagrams, looking up spare parts, coding and programming,…
This will help the technician know the exact condition that the vehicle is experiencing, thereby offering easy repair options.
Or when replacing a part on the vehicle, it is necessary to code and reprogram the system to work smoothly again.
Diagnostic tool for BMW that you can refer to:

  • ISTA D: Diagnostic software and support to look up specialized circuit diagrams BMW
  • ISTA-P: Coding and programming
  • ETK: spare part lookup software
  • E-sys: Coding and programming software
  • ICOM NEXT: Diagnostic and programming support equipment


Above are the Top 3 tools that young technicians should have when they first enter the auto repair engineering profession. Hope this article will bring you the most useful information. Hope you will choose the product that you like. If you have any questions, you can contact us via whatsapp +84388951999 or direct website.

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