Programming camera 360 SVS MODULE

The 360-degree camera helps to overcome the limitations of vision, hidden corners, and blind spots of the rearview mirror. Observe the whole car around, help drive safely, easily go back and forth, avoid unnecessary collisions Connect, and display images directly through the DVD screen.

Reasons for Programming camera 360 SVS MODUL

  • When using a 360 camera on the way to change mode, the camera is not displayed on the Taplo screen or cannot switch from 360 camera mode to another screen. 
  • Upgrade your car to add 360 camera features 
  • When replacing a new 360 camera screen

Need to prepare equipment and software to support Programing camera 360 SVS MODUL

The computer that supports programming coding : 

Laptop cf19 cf53 cf54


  • Durable, compact Panasonic military computer.
  • Configure a stable computer to process data. 
  • Strong design.

Also related computers for programming encoding such as:

Programmable encoder device:

  • Diagnostic device SD connect C4 Doip is a specialized device from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Used to diagnose, read and fix errors, look up spare parts and vehicle manufacturer documents. Mercedes-Benz.
  • The device connects stably when repairing errors on the vehicle.

Diagnostic Equipment C4

Picture: Diagnostic device SD connect C4 Doip.

Software for coding programming: Programming and diagnostics software

  • Xentry OpenShell software is diagnostic; fixes; looks up circuit diagrams; look up spare parts; programming coding.
  • Xentry OpenShell software supports Programing camera 360 SVS MODUL

Xentry OpenShell Software Interface 2022

Image : Xentry Openshell software – Mercedes-Benz

Steps 360 camera Programming SVS MODUL

Step 1: Park the car in the right place to perform Programming camera 360 SVS MODUL.


Mercedes Benz Car Repair 1

Image: The technician park the car in accordance with the regulations before performing the programming coding.

Advantages of parking in the right place before working:

  • Helping to code the programming is convenient for the movement of technicians.
  • Convenience for connecting programmable encoders.
  • Compliance to ensure safety when repairing.

Step 2: Check the car’s front camera.

Camera At The Top Of The Car 1

Image: Car front camera

  • Location: Front of the car under Mercedes-Benz Logo
  • Check: Camera has yellow drive, cracked

Step 3: Check the camera under the mirror

Camera In The Right And Left Side Mirrors 1

Image: Camera under mirror

  • Location: Under the left and right mirrors.
  • Check: The camera is not yellow, cracked

Step 4: Check the rear camera

Camera At The Back Of A Car 1

Image: Rear camera mercedes-benz

  • Location: Behind Mercedes-Benz
  • Check: Camera has yellow drive, cracked

Step 5: Check the camera with Xentry software

360 Camera Info On Xentry 1

Image: Show multi-camera 360 calibration

– Requirements: Do all 360 cameras, 360 camera motion joints

– Implementation instructions: Perform calibration drive on one the road is flattest, vehicle speed ranges from 5 to 30 km/h

Step 6: Parameters when coding on Xentry

Encrypted Information On Xentry 1

Image: Parameters when coding on Xentry

  • Parameters: Vehicle speed, steering angle, no colour effect, camera, effect, progress bar,…

Step 7: Update data on Xentry Openshell diagnostic software

Xentry Data Setting 1

Image: Xentry OpenShell software

  • Updated: Download programming data.

Step 8: Check all around

Scan Around The Car 1

Image: Quiet the whole car to update data

  • This time Xentry will update the data to the car’s screen
  • Need to keep the updated screen mode

Step 9: Check the sync The vehicle table meter checks the speed stability when scanning the entire vehicle

Clock Displayed On Taplo 1

Image: The taplo meter displays the parameters

Display: The vehicle is parked, the temperature is 82 degrees F

Step 10: Move the car to scan the whole car

Check out the entire surroundings

Image: Scan the entire vehicle

  • After the update is complete, the steering wheel and clock display are blue.

Step 11: Check the 360 ​​camera on the car monitor

Car Monitor Display Camera 360

Image: Display the car screen retractable camera.

  • The camera shows 360 degrees of the car, behind the car, right and left mirror, from top to bottom.

Step 12: Check the camera on and off

Screen Data When Camera Setup Is Successful 1

Image: Car screen shows map

  • When we have installed 360 camera, we can switch to modes such as radio, map, …

Details Programing camera 360 SVS MODUL

Programing camera 360 SVS MODUL is extremely simple. With just a few steps to correct Mercedes error codes with models W204, W906, W204, W156, W164, W166, W212, W213, W221, W222, W253, W156, W164, W205, W222, W251, W166, W117, … Edit quick error.

An important note in the process of coding and programming offline

– With just a few simple steps, we can start our Mercedes-Benz car. You can do this at home, but to avoid the unfortunate situation that when manipulating the ECU, even a small mistake during use can destroy your ECU and sometimes even damage your ECU. damage your ECU as well. cost thousands of dollars. thousand dollars to repair.

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