GM Tech2win software [Q&A]

GM Tech2win Install details will help users do it easily on their own. Are you looking for instructions on downloading and installing Tech2Win software? Please follow Eurocartool’s shared knowledge in the article below.

GM Tech2win Diagnostic Software

Tech2win is diagnostic support software that runs on Windows PCs. This software communicates with the vehicle via Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI), MDI 2 or API ISO 22900 PDU device.
Tech2win performs 4 main functions, including:

  • Read and delete error codes, with this function the software will display each error code and you can delete errors directly on the software
  • Read vehicle parameters. For example, parameters of the engine, gearbox, and status of the vehicle’s control software
  • Activate the motor drive
  • Perform powertrain, chassis and body checks.


GM Tech2Win software is Tech2 emulator software for GM diagnosis. It allows you to use your J2534 card as a Tech2 on a GM vehicle. The following instructions will guide you through downloading and setting up Tech2Win.

Advantages of the software

Tech2win is one of the software specifically for GM vehicles today. It can be said that this is a convenient software for technicians. Its features help make the repair process faster and easier.
In addition, this software has a simple operation and interface, easy to use without needing too much experience. It can also connect to many devices currently on the market including specialized devices and J2534 devices.

This software also supports multiple languages so it is very helpful for technicians around the world to understand and use the software in their native language without any difficulty.
Tech2win also supports many car models such as Daewoo, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Holden, Buick,…

[Q&A] Tech2win software

What devices can GM Tech2win software work with?
GM Tech2win can work with many devices such as MDI2, MDI, VCX Nano, Autel, Tech2, Bosch Mastrertech, Mongoose Pro Gm II, Cardaq,… However, according to many technicians today, they mainly uses MDI2 and VCX Nano.

Does a VCX Nano device require a license?
A license is required to connect the device to the software

Can Tech2win software work with J2534 devices?
Tech2win and GDS2 can work with J2534 devices, however not all connected devices can perform all advanced functions. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully research the functions and compatibility of the device before purchasing.

Can Bosch Mastrertech be used to diagnose GM vehicles?
Mastertech VCI can now fully interact with Tech2win software to perform OEM-level diagnostics for GM vehicles such as reading and clearing DTCs, checking the system, checking the chassis, viewing data parameters,…

How to connect MDI2 with software?
You can see instructions for connecting the device to this software in the article: Instructions For Connecting MDI2 Device To The Car Diagnostic Software.
We have detailed instructions there.

I want to buy Tech2win software, what should I do?
You can order at Tech2win and GDS2 software. This combo includes both software at a preferential price. If you want to buy a software, you can contact us via WhatsApp for support.

Does installing Tech2win software require computer configuration?
Yes, your computer needs the following configuration:

Operating System requirement
C:// RAM: 4GB and above
O/S: Win7 (32bit/64bit) Pro, Win10 (64bit) Pro,
Don’t set it up on Windows Home Version

Above are detailed instructions on how to download and install Tech2Win software shared by technicians at Eurocartool. You can perform the above operations yourself, however if you purchase the Tech2win software product at Eurocartool, our technicians will perform all the downloading and installation processes for you remotely. If you have any questions during the GM Tech2win install process, contact us on website or via WhatsApp: +13155472355

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