HHTWIN Mercedes Software

HHTWIN Mercedes is diagnostic software for old cars from 2000 and earlier. It can diagnose and read all modules, if you often have to repair old cars, then using this software is essential.

HHTWIN Mercedes Software information

Name: HHTWIN Mercedes Software
Version: 3.1.48
Language: Multi-language
Storage: 5 GB download + 14 GB install
Support vehicle model: Mercedes models from 2000 and earlier


HTWIN Mercedes function

Here are the working functions of this software

  • Diagnose
  • Read error
  • Function main group: Gasoline engine (HFM, ME2, ME1RE, ME1LI, LH1, LH2, EZ1, EZ2, DM, EFP, TPM, ISC, GM); Chassis, Body, Climate control


  • HFM function: Control unit version, Fault memory, Actual values, Actuations, Control module adaptation….


Connection device

HHTWIN Mercedes can work with C4original
Requires computer configuration when installing

  • I5 generations 3
  • Ram 4GB or more
  • SSD 256 or higher
  • Windows 10, 11

You can use any type of laptop if it meets the above configuration. However, if you have to work regularly in a garage environment, we recommend using computers that meet military quality standards. These types of computers have long battery life, rugged design, can work in high temperature environments,…

Compare HHTWIN, DAS, Xentry

HHTWIN, DAS and Xentry are three specialized diagnostic software for Mercedes-Benz cars, which can read errors of all vehicle modules. Make the technician’s fault finding and repair planning process faster and easier.

The biggest difference between these software is the type of vehicle it can support

HHTWIN: Support car models from 2000 and earlier
DAS: Support Mercedes models from 2000 to 2009
Xentry: Support car models from 2010 to present.

Currently, Xentry is the most commonly used Mercedes diagnostic software. It can work with the latest car models and has more outstanding functions than the previous two older software. In addition, it not only works with DOIP devices, but also works with J2534 devices.

When to use HHTWIN software?

Although it was the first Mercedes diagnostic software, it is not commonly used in the market today. But it is still an essential software for technicians.
If you regularly have to repair old Mercedes models from 2000 and earlier, you need this software to read car errors.
With popular software like Xentry, DAS it can’t read old cars. In addition, you are a Mercedes technician, you need to know how to use all the specialized software to save time.

If you want to own this software, you can order it directly at Mercedes diagnostic software. This combo includes all Mercedes-Benz software such as: Xentry (latest version), DTS Monaco, Vediamo, StarFinder, EPC, WIS/ARSA, DAS (without password),Calculator FDOK Vedoc, Seedkey Catalog, HHTWIN, SD Media, VGSNAG2.


Above is information about HHTWIN software, if you have any questions about this software, you can contact us via website or Whatsapp +1-848-294-6626 for the fastest advice and answers.
Eurocartool always has a team of experienced technicians to support diagnosis, reading errors, deleting errors,… remotely. We are available 24/7 to support you when you need it.


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