Instructions coding VGS Mercedes by Vediamo

Are you having trouble coding VGS Mercedes (transmission control module Mercedes) with Vediamo software? You do not know the process step-by-step? Eurocartool will guide you to do it in detail in this article.

What is Vediamo?

Vediamo is offline programming and coding software when it is necessary to replace any control box on the vehicle. Vediamo software became popular in the market as Mercedes blocked SCN coding worldwide. This software specializes in coding older Mercedes models, but this is the best solution when the specialized features are blocked.
Vediamo is for Mercedes models from 2017 and earlier.


Vediamo Function

Vediamo Mercedes is currently the best version at the moment with features such as:

  • Distributed diagnostics with multiple, simultaneous special client applications, eg, test run control over PSR adapter while simultaneously verifying with Ecoute
  • Expansion of the system by additional clients
  • Diagnostics, coding, or flashing of multiple ECUs simultaneously

Besides many other programming and coding features, you can see details here: Vediamo software

Instructions on coding VGS Mercedes by Vediamo

To perform coding VGS Mercedes, you need to prepare a computer, Vediamo software, SD connect C4 device.

If you do not know how to use Vediamo Mercedes Coding software or have not mastered the basic features, here are the detailed instructions:

Step 1: Activate Vediamo Écoute
Step 2: Show system based on diogenes data and change folder
Step 3: Choose VGSNAG2
Step 4: Select file – Flash data
Step 5: Change Variant Coding to SCN service
Above are the main steps to coding software, if you follow it but still not done, you can view Details in the video below:

During the coding process, there may be risks such as software errors or wrong codes, etc., so an experienced technician will be required during the repair process. If you have any problems or questions during the repair process then contact us directly via WhatsApp: +84388951999. A team of technicians is available 24/7 to help you solve any problems you are facing.

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