Lamborghini Repair manual with the Odis service software

You can refer to Lamborghini repair steps with Odis Service software when the Lamborghini was involved in an accident that resulted in severe damage to the headlights that required replacing and reprogramming the ECU. In this article, we will guide you through detailed steps to help you repair with Odis software.

Condition of Lamborghini car

This vehicle was involved in a collision causing damage to the front end of the vehicle resulting in damage and many functions unusable.. After inspection, preliminary assessment. This white Lamborghini Huracan has very bad light damage and needs to be replaced to ensure safety when used. There are some images of the vehicle which need to be repaired.

Use-ODIS-Service-Software-For-Repair-Lamborghini-Huracan Car
This white Lamborghini Huracan has very bad light damage

Lamborghini repair steps with Odis Service software

See detailed step-by-step instructions below:

Prepare software and equipment
In the process of diagnosing and repairing, you need to use the following software and equipment:


Proceed to read the error

Step 1: Start the software

Step 2: Enter the VIN, then check “work with guided fault finding”
Then select “Start diagnosis”
Check VIN, Manufacture, model, model year. Then select version and engine => “Apply”



Step 3: The software scans the vehicle’s control boxes (Control module)

  • The red box is the one with the error
  • White is read and has no errors
  • Boxes that are not displayed are not connected

Read-control-module Read-control-modules-box

Step 4: Select “DTS Memory list”
The software displays the errors that the vehicle is experiencing
“After changing the lights, the car did not have basic settings”


Step 5: Select “Test plan” to see details of errors


Step 6: Select the error about right LED headlight => select “Perform test”
It gives detailed instructions, in addition, you can choose “component location” to display where the control boxes are located on the vehicle.


Step 7: After selecting perform test => complete/continue => Select complete/continue for basic setting

Step 8: Basic headlight settings
Click on the error, then select document => Document for test plan
It will show you the steps you have to take, it will tell you when to set the headlights, ask when to set the headlights.


Lamborghini repair steps to clear the error

Go to the control module, then check any box and right click. Select “Vehicle OBD” => Select “Total DTS memory” => “Perform”
The software will then scan the vehicle’s modules again. It will read all the car’s boxes,Read-obd-to-clear-error

Then you can choose as photo

  • Select individual to delete 1 box
  • Select complete system to clear all error boxes


Then choose perform => yes
The system is clearing the error


After the warehouse is done deleting, Select diagnostic => network diagram
Check any box, then right click and select “Read all DTC memories”


If you do not know how to recode the lights with Odis software after reading this article, you can order our remote repair support service by texting through the website or Whatsapp for advice and support fastest.

Here is a detailed video Lamborghini repair tutorial:

Above, it is all how to use odis software. Hope this article will help your work, if you have any trouble while using it or want to learn about the useful tool, Don not hesitase to ask us any question in the comment section below or send us a message via WhatsApp:+1-848-294-6626


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