What does Mercedes Xentry Software include? How to use it?

Mercedes Xentry Software is rated by many technicians as the best online diagnostic software for Mercedes models during the repair process. It supports the vehicle diagnosis process, provides repair plans, codes, and programs, looks up, etc. Let’s find out more about Xentry diagnostic software and use the instructions in the article below!

What does Mercedes Xentry Software include?

Xentry Software is online diagnostic software that is used in the vehicle repair process. Xentry is a common name. We will use different Xentry versions depending on the connected device and vehicle model. Here are 2 main versions of Mercedes Xentry Software:
Xentry Openshell
Xentry passthru

Xentry Openshell


Name: Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell XDOS
Type: diagnostic and research software
Version: 03/2023
Capacity: 23 GB
Language: Multi-language
Connecting devices: C4, C5, C6 (CLONE, ORIGINAL),…

Xentry Passthru

Name: Xentry PassThru (XPT)
Type: Diagnostic software, Lookup Software
Version: 12/2022
Language: Multi-language
Connecting device: Open Port, VAS 5054a, Scan Master, Mon goose, VCM II
Function: Similar to Xentry OpenShell


When do you use Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru? See details about this two software in this article: Review Xentry Diagnosis | Compare Xentry Openshell And Xentry Passthru

[Q & A] Mercedes Xentry

Can xentry software work with openport?

=> Currently Xentry software has 2 versions, with Xentry Passthru version it can work with J2534 devices including Openport. In addition, it can also work with other devices such as Autel, Vas5054, CARDAG PLUS 2, BOSCH KTS 590, PASSTHRU PRO 4,…

What is xentry diagnosis kit 4?

=> Xentry diagnosis kit 4 is a package of specialized diagnostic equipment from Mercedes which includes XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2 (diagnostic computer) with pre-installed diagnostic software, XENTRY VCI Diagnostics (multiplexer) which acts as a communication interface. interface/translator between vehicle and diagnostic computer, OBD cable and USB cable.

I want to activate Xentry, how do I do that?

=> You can directly contact our technician via whatsapp for the fastest active support.

Can xentry software to coding?

=> Xentry software is a software that specializes in diagnosing, reading errors, deleting errors, … but cannot coding or programming. To perform coding, you can use 2 offline software, Vediamo and DTS monaco.

How to get xentry online account?

=> To login xentry online account, you can contact us for login support. Currently Xentry certificate allows you to read new car models from 2021 to 2023.

Xentry diagnosis software 2

What is Xentry keygen? How to get it?

=> Xentry keygen is used to activate the software after installing it on the computer. Must be active to be able to use the software fully functional. Keygen comes with the Xentry software download file. If you have downloaded from our free download, you can send a message via the website to have our technician support remote activation.

I’m very busy, how can I use the xentry remote diagnosis service at Eurocartool?

=> You can contact via website or whatsapp, our technician will diagnose your car remotely for free. In addition, at eurocartool, we also provide remote coding and programming support services at the most favorable prices.

What is the latest version of Xentry software?

=> Currently Xentry Openshell software has the latest version of 6/2023. Xentry Passthru software has the latest version of 3/2023

if you want to download this software, your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • I5 3rd generation or higher
  • RAM 4GB minimum
  • SSD256
  • Win10

To download Xentry software for free, detailed instructions and software download links can be found in this article: Xentry Diagnostic Software Download FREE

Xentry software user manual

You can refer to all the most detailed video tutorials on how to use Xentry software made by Eurocartool technicians here: Collection of video tutorials

Here is one of the video tutorials

If you are still wondering about this software, please leave contact information or contact us directly. At Eurocartool, our technicians always stand ready to advise and support you 24/7, making your experience as excellent as possible.


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