[REVIEW] Professional Diagnostic Equipment Mercedes C6


Mercedes C6 is a specialized equipment for technicians specializing in repairing Mercedes models. But what advantages and disadvantages does it have? Should I use this device or not? Take a look at the information in the article below.

What is the Mercedes C6?

Mercedes C6 is a specialized diagnostic device for Mercedes cars. MB Star C6 is upgraded from the previous two versions C4 and C5. Mercedes C6 supports the diagnosis of all Mercedes models, including passenger cars, trucks,s and group cars such as Smart, Maybach, and  Fuso, ..


Advantage of Mercedes C6

The original C6 device is one of those specialized devices that is highly appreciated by technicians. It is an upgraded version compared to C4, C5 devices. Therefore, it has the same functions as C4 such as diagnosing, reading errors, deleting errors, programming, coding, …

Unlike C4, Device C6 has a compact design, easy to carry. With a total weight of about 4kg, you can take it with you to repair your car easily. This is also one of the highlights of this device.

Mercedes C6 can work with most Mercedes software such as Xentry, Vediamo, DTS Monaco, EPC, WIS/ARSA, Starfinder.

Mercedes Benz – C6 specializes in diagnosing all Mercedes models including passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery, corporate vehicles such as Smart, Maybach, Fuso,… Luxury sports cars: From cars Economy travelers, minivans, utility vehicles to luxury sports cars, it’s an integral part of Mercedes-Benz’s specialized software and diagnostic equipment. Benz
Mercedes C6 is next generation so it can support multi language like English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish and Chinese. Therefore, this device is easily used globally.
It can diagnose in-depth, easily access systems to read data, read errors, clear errors, encode control boxes, reset and activate vehicle systems quickly.

mercedes sd connect c6

Cons of the device

Although Mercedes C6 is an upgraded device and was born later, it is difficult to connect with old specialized software such as DAS, HHTWIN.
The cost of C6 Orginal is much higher than previous products
Working with Mercedes’ specialized software is currently not as stable as its predecessor, the Mercedes C4.
Although the C6 is a later device, it is not used by many people. If you are a Mercedes repair technician, we recommend using the SD Connest C4 device because of its stability during operation with today’s diagnostic and programming software.
Above are the reviews from our technician about this device. Hope to bring you useful information and the right choice for you. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via our website or WhatsApp +84 388951999 for the fastest advice and support.

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