[REVIEW] Ford VCM II- Ford Mazda Diagnostic Equipment


Currently, car models are increasingly improved to enhance the user experience. Along with that, the intelligent electrical and electronic system is more densely arranged, making it difficult for technicians to find the cause and how to fix it. Therefore, car diagnostic equipment is the valuable arm of technicians.

In this article, Eurocartool will help you evaluate the Ford VCM II device in detail.

Basic information about specialized diagnostic equipment VCM II

Automotive diagnostic devices, also known as car error readers, are error-reading devices designed with modern technology to bring efficiency. Accurate fault prediction and perfect support for employee car repair. This device acts as a scanner, they will read and display the problems and errors that the car is having. In addition, they can also quickly recognize the state of the car and suggest some solutions to the user.

Similarly, specialized diagnostic equipment Ford VCM II is a diagnostic machine exclusively for Ford and Mazda vehicles. By using IDS software, the device can find the deepest hidden defects of the vehicle. VCM II will connect to the car via the OBD 2 port combined with a dedicated laptop that will give the most complete diagnostic conclusions for most 16pin Fords.

In addition, VCM II also possesses an extremely great function that can connect to other computer devices wirelessly. This capability allows technicians to perform fault checks and perform remote operations while the VCM II device is connected to the vehicle.

When starting the fault-finding process, the Ford VCM II specialized diagnostic device will perform the following actions:

  • Automatically read the vehicle model and then connect all electronic box systems.
  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Display current vehicle parameters and test system activation,
  • Encode and program the key and remote settings, electric steering alignment, injector code loading, injector re-learning, reset steering angle, and release brake air…


The outstanding feature of VCM II diagnostic equipment

Specialized diagnostic equipment is a new OEM diagnostic tool, combined with PC-based IDS software to provide the ability to Full diagnostic function of fault codes for most Ford and Mazda models that support 16-pin connectors. The Ford VCM II can work with all Ford vehicles manufactured since 2014 but will be backward compatible with most older vehicles equipped with 16-pin ports when displaying system values ​​as well as other information. operation number when a fault occurs on the vehicle.

In addition, the Ford VCM II fault diagnostic device also supports the new VMM media measurement module and custom CFR data recording. The CFR or Customer Flight Recorder feature is highly appreciated for tracking and recording vehicle data for repair and maintenance. CFR is an optional cable that allows the VCM II to record the data directly, thereby making it easier for technicians to diagnose faults.

Ford VCM II uses standard J1962 data connection cable (DLC) and USB cable to help users save costs in equipping other connection accessories.

Currently, the new version of the VCM II error detector also adds a wireless connection function that allows communication with the computer by WIFI. Thereby helping to reduce dependence on connected devices and supporting technicians to use them more actively and conveniently.

Another great ability of the VCM II machine is that it can be used in many different languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Spanish, Mexican, French, French, Canadian, German, Greek, Finnish Lan, Slovenian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, English (US), Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, India, Hungary, and especially Vietnamese language support.
The rubber shell design helps to protect the machine optimally when used in working environments such as a Garage.

Besides, to help the diagnostic device work most effectively, users need to equip themselves with a laptop with the following specifications:

  • Minimum software is WIN XP, WIN 7, or WIN 8
  • CPU: 1GHZ
  • Ram: 4GB
  • USB 2.0
  • Lan + Wifi connection
  • Hard drive: 320GB or more

You can refer to some of the following computers: Panasonic CF-19, Panasonic CF-53, Panasonic CF-54

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Owning diagnostic equipment for Ford models like VCM II is a necessity for auto repair shops. Therefore, car owners/garage owners should choose an address that provides genuine and sourced VCM II auto fault detection products.

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