ICOM A BMW Tool is a device with full diagnostic and programming features for BMW models. Besides, it is also a repair support software, in this article we will learn in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of this device.

ICOM A BMW Tool Information

ICOM A BMW tool is a diagnostic tool for BMW widely used in the market. field with advanced diagnostic and programming functions through MOST, K-CAN, and D-CAN protocols. It also includes system management on the vehicle, supporting the engine system, electrical system…

Icom A Functions

The functions of the ICOM A device are extremely diverse with outstanding features such as a Wi-Fi connection that makes it easy to program and create keys online, connect to the company at any time, diagnose all BMW models, read and remove errors in-depth,…

ICOM A BMW supports

  • ISTA P software which is a replacement software. replace the old SSS Program software. The BMW ISTA P is intended to replace all control modules that depend on coding, programming, and activation on many BMW models.
  • ISTA+/D is software that supports reading errors, clearing errors, activating the system, testing plans, updating and programming, and looking up circuit diagrams and part locations.
  • ETK is software that searches for parts by model, VIN, serial number, a catalog containing a list of applicability of a part, and program including service messages.

In addition, there are many other software that you can refer to in the following package: BMW DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE PACKAGE


Advantages – Disadvantages

BMW ICOM A has all the features of an in-depth diagnostic device with advantages such as:

  • Multi-language support
  • Diagnose all BMW models
  • PCB board works well
  • Good performance, affordable price


But this special tools for BMW still have disadvantages :

  • Does not support wifi connection
  • Old interface
  • No improvements in throughput, programming or boot time…

Although ICOM A still works well and is used by technicians, if you need an improved version, you can refer to : ICOM NEXT
BMW ICOM NEXT is an upgraded version of ICOM A and ICOM P. This device can perform diagnostic features and update many new features as well as improve the defects of the old equipment.


ICOM A BMW tool is a tool for BMW with stability, full diagnostic features and multilingual support. Although this device still has small defects, it still supports good repair and error handling, suitable for the price.
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