Review Xentry diagnosis | Compare xentry openshell and xentry passthru

Xentry Diagnosis is an indispensable diagnostic software in the repair process and it has 2 main versions: Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru, so what are the differences between the two versions? Let’s explore

What is Xentry diagnosis?

Xentry diagnosis is diagnostic software specialized for Mercedes vehicles. This software helps technicians diagnose vehicles and ensures a faster and easier repair process. The main functions of Xentry:

  • Support all functions such as the most basic installation, repairing instructions, programming, coding of the electronic control system, installing a new control box, etc.
  • Look up: plan to check, fix errors, point out the damaged locations

2 versions of Xentry diagnosis: Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru.

Xentry OpenShell Software Interface 2022


So what is the difference between these 2 versions? Check it out in the section below.

Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru comparison

Both have the same functions such as:
Diagnostic software for technicians
+ Read and clear errors
+ Read vehicle status, turn on/off, activate actuators
+ Showing test plans
+ Looking up jack circuit diagrams, and fault locations of components.
+ Replacing control boxes with an online program and coding features with a Mercedes-Benz account

In addition, this two diagnostic software also have certain differences. Find out in the table below:

Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru comparison
Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru comparison

Xentry Openshell can connect to C4, C5, and C6 devices. However, this software will be used most effectively and stably on C4 devices.
If you as you do not have this device, see more C4 devices’ details here: SD Connect C4

Choose Xentry Openshell or Xentry Passthru?
Both have similar functionalities, so your decision will depend on the connected device, the model of your vehicle, and your affordability. Each software has its advantages, Xentry Openshell connects to genuine devices. On the other hand, Xentry Passthru is more flexible by connecting to many other devices. Therefore, you can rely on the above table to decide which software is the most suitable.

Xentry-related questions

1. How to use Xentry Openshell?

Answer: If you are a technician, you must have known this software. However, not all people know how to use it. Here is a video on how to use: MERCEDES- BENZ Xentry Diagnostic Software 06.02021 Tutorials

2. What are things to keep in mind when installing Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru?
Answer: Computer, Laptop
– I5 generation 3 or higher
– Ram4G minimum
– SSD256
– Win10

3. I have a Mercedes W205 with a damaged sensor. Can I use Xentry to read the error?
Answer: Absolutely yes, you can use Xentry to read the error, it will be in the engine box error code N3/10. Xentry will show you the error and the fixing plan.

4. How to download Xentry diagnostic?
You can find a detailed instruction here Xentry Diagnostic Software Download 2022

5. I am using a Mercedes W166. There’s an error: “Eng. start not possible in 572 km” on the Taplo. Can I use Xentry software to repair it?
Answer: Absolutely yes. Currently, many customers face this problem. It will be easy if you use Xentry to repair. Detailed instructions on how to fix this error are below.
Click to see: Fix Warning Mercedes Start Engine W166

6. I want to buy Xentry Passthru software, what should I do?

Answer: You can contact us directly for detailed advice and guidelines from Eurocartool’s technicians.
Or you can check it out here: Xentry PassThru

You can leave your information about the problems you are facing for our advice.
This article gives you the most detailed information about the pros and cons of Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru. If you are wondering whether to install Xentry Openshell or Xentry Passthru, contact us for a quick response.

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