The process for diagnosing Mercedes-Benz for beginners

To become an auto diagnostic specialist you have to go from beginner to advanced. If you don’t know anything about diagnostics or have questions about reading errors, coding programming, looking up spare parts, or electrical circuits… in cars, this content will help answer all your vague questions.

Configuration of the Mercedes diagnostic computer

Before diagnosing Mercedes you need to have the right computer to meet the best use of Mercedes diagnostic software. Refer to the computer configuration below:
– Intel Core i5
– 256GB Hard Drive SAMSUNG SSD
It is a mid-range configuration that helps you install software that works smoothly and stably.

Laptop-diagnostic-connect-with-diagnosing-Mercedes-BenzIn addition, our side also provides high-quality, durable, compact military computers with long-term warranty of 1 to 1 battery for more than 11 hours of continuous use Panasonic Toughpad CF-D1 Tempered Table, Panasonic CF-19, Panasonic CF-53

Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Software

Mercedes-Benz specialized diagnostic xentry software
  • Software name: Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell XDOS
  • Software type: Diagnostic software, search software
  • Version: September 2022
  • Capacity: 21.7G
  • Language: Multi-language

See detail this software here: Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell XDOS

Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell software is a Mercedes-Benz specialized software, so it fully supports functions from the most basic functions to the installation, programming, and Coding Online of electronic control systems on vehicles

  • Read errors and clear errors
  • View dynamic data.
  • Activate the actuators: Using software can open the blower, adjust the throttle position,…
  • Independently check the actuators and controls on the vehicle.
  • Basic settings: Setting steering angle, injector code, resetting maintenance lights, relearning throttle position, etc.
  • Install, program, Coding Offline and Online all control systems on the vehicle.
  • Support the error code repair manual process:
  • Integrated lookup circuit diagram, location details on the software.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic support for all electrical systems of the engine (engine), body electrical system (chassis), electric chassis (chassis).

You can download Xentry software for free here: Xentry Diagnostic Software Download 2022 FREE

Mercedes – Benz Professional Diagnostic Equipment

Specialized diagnostic equipment Mercedes-Benz MB SD CONNECT C4 DOIP

Specialized diagnostic equipment Mercedes-Benz MB SD CONNECT C4 DOIP is the best quality diagnostic device for reading errors, programming coding, looking up Mercedes-Benz structure and spare parts. In addition, there are quality-reputable diagnostic equipment such as:

Diagnosing Mercedes Steps

Step 1: Connect the Mercedes-Benz specialized diagnostic device

Connecting the cables to the C4 device

Step 2: Connect the device to a computer with specialized diagnostic software installed

Connecting the device to the computer

Step 3: Connect the device to the diagnostic car

Connect the instrument cable to the OBD2 port of the diagnostic vehicle.

Step 4: Choose a diagnostic vehicle

Select the model you want to diagnose

Step 5: Scan for vehicle general errors

Scanning for vehicle general errors

Step 6: Check the error code

Check the error code

Step 7: Check the car

Vehicle inspection

Step 8: Look up the circuit diagram on the car

Circuit diagram on the car

Step 9: Look up the spare parts location

Look up the location of the spare part.

Step 10: Check the location of spare parts on the car

A technician checks spare parts on a vehicle.

You can watch Detailed Instruction Video: Here

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