TOP 3 Best BMW Tools for Technician


These are the Best BMW Diagnostic Tools that are popular in the market. These BMW tools will help the technicians not waste time and money, Eurocartool synthetic all the information in this article.


BMW Enet Cable is a cable that converts Enet Ethernet Interface to Obd E-Sys Icom Coding F-Series. The cable is manufactured with high quality anti-interference and good insulation materials. It is possible to hide modules and program individual modules.

CABLE BMW ENET has basic features such as:

  • Audio lock/unlock
  • DVD control while driving
  • Display engine power but engine torque
  • Turn on the voice recognition function
  • Show speed on the digital screen
  • Turn off the display of seat belt status – driver’s seat
  • Turn off the display of seat belt status – passenger seat
  • Turn off the belt reminder
  • Single microphone setting



BMW ICOM A is an in-depth diagnostic and programming device for systems such as system management features on vehicles, engine system support, electrical systems, etc. Icom A is also widely used in the market. Current field with diagnostic function, programming via MOST, K-CAN, and D-CAN protocols.

Functions of the device:

  • Diagnose all BMW models
  • Read and clear errors in depth
  • Read data on all systems on the vehicle
  • Function to activate the electronic control mechanism
  • Look up maintenance and repair information
  • Repair and disassembly instructions with pictures



BMW ICOM Next is currently a BMW standard tools for diagnostic and programming. Icom Next is commonly used in many auto repair garages. It is upgraded from the old versions Icom A2 and Icom P, so it can perform well the features of these two devices. Besides, there are also many new features such as:

  •  Gbit LAN conference, Backward compatible
  • Preparing for Gbit LAN on OBD of vehicle (cars do not support this interface and still undefined, ICOM Next will be requires hardware adaptation for future Gbit automotive interfaces, which incurs adaptation costs)
  • Fast boot times and high throughput
  • Uses high-performance, low-power ARM SoCs
  • Improved handling
  • More OBD cables for convenient connection
  • Lights up when logging in, etc.


Conclusion BMW Tools

Most experienced technicians in the auto repair industry recommend using the ICOM NEXT, as it is the best programming and intensive diagnostic device available at the moment. With the ability to diagnose all BMW models and multi-language support… This will definitely be the best choice for you.
Above are the bmw programming tools. I hope that our information is useful. If you need device advice, contact us directly on WhatsApp: +1-848-294-6626 Eurocartool’s technical team is ready to support you 24/7. You will surely be satisfied when using our services.

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