Top 3 obd2 cable for BMW-Ford-JLR


Currently, there are many obd2 cable devices on the market for BMW, Ford, and JLR models. If you are wondering which device to choose, in this article we will mention 3 devices for the above vehicles that are most commonly used today. Take a look below.

What is OBD2 cable?

OBD2 is a term used in auto repair to refer to a system that has self-diagnostic and reporting functions of the vehicle such as: reading vehicle parameters, monitoring the operation of important engine parts, diagnosing the fault of the vehicle components, and issuing a warning signal. This system provides technicians with access to the vehicle’s status to conduct diagnostics and repairs.

OBD2 Cable is a connection device between the car’s OBD connector and the computer with the function of supporting reading errors, clearing errors, diagnosing and programming, .. This is an important device when carrying out any kind of repair car.

For each model, there will be separate obd2 cable devices to connect and support, including BMW-Ford-JLR models. So which device to choose is the most suitable when there are many different cables on the market? Below are the most rated and used devices.

Top 3 obd2 cable for BMW-Toyota-JLR

After using many different devices for BMW-Ford-JLR, our technician has summarized the 3 most used obd2 cable devices during the repair.

K+Dcan – BMW obd2 cable

The equipment frequently used by technicians in the repair process of BMW models is Kcan and ICOM NEXT. These two devices have almost the same function. Which, ICOM NEXT will include both the device and the wire, and if you just want to use a compact and easy-to-connect cable, then KCAN is a suitable choice for you.
You can see the details of this product here: K+Dcan cable

K+Dcan Cable has the following main functions:

  • Read and delete errors
  • Adaptations
  • Driver programming
  • Applu Coding

The above are the four main functions of this device, in addition to many more functions



Mongoose obd2 cable

Mongoose equipment is a device used in the repair of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. With features such as system diagnostics, data reading, programming, Utilities testing,… This is a device used by the vast majority of technicians and highly appreciated for its connectivity and its support.

Diagnostic features on Toyota Mongoose JLR.

  • System Diagnostics Feature Diagnose “Trouble Codes”.
  • Data reading feature “Data List”
  • Enabled “Test is working” feature
  • Monitor “Screen”
  • Features Special feature “Testing for Gadgets.”
  • Programming feature “Reprogrammable”.


Mini VCI

With technicians specializing in repairing Toyota vehicles, Mini VCI has become a familiar device and is considered their effective arm. Not only compact design, easy to connect, it also has functions such as Read and clear engine error codes, ABS, SRS, ETC, Main body system ….; ECU activation, reprogramming… This is a professional diagnostic device that Toyota technicians cannot ignore.

MINI VCI Function 

  • Professional car diagnostic equipment for vehicles: Toyota/Lexus/Scion from 1996 – 2018.
  • Display the current parameters of the vehicle in numerical or graphical form.
  • Read dynamic and static data of Engine, ABS, SRS, ETC, Main body…etc systems.
  • Read and clear system error codes Engine, ABS, SRS, ETC, Main body…etc.
  • Testing – in-depth tuning of all systems.
  • Reset memory.
  • Enable, reprogram the ECU.
  • Install the key.


Above are the top 3 obd2 cable devices for BMW-Toyota-JLR you can refer to and use during car repair. In addition, Eurocartool provides these devices and supports remote programming and diagnostic services to save you time and money. For any information please contact us via our website or WhatsApp: +13155472355

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