“Turn off and on start/stop” Service

Unstable operation of Eco start stop Mercedes will cause the vehicle to stop suddenly and may seriously affect road users. Are you looking for a way to Turn off and on start/stop? Use Eurocartool’s Booking Service Online to have our professional technicians assist you.

Why disable the ECO start/stop system?

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class ECO start-stop system is equipped on most Mercedes models. They are used to turn off the engine every time the vehicle comes to a stop (automatic stop) and restart it quickly when the driver wants to start. This function helps save fuel and reduce emissions because the engine is stopped for a certain period of time. This system works completely automatically, so many times the user does not know this function has been turned on/off.


However, in real traffic conditions, The automatic shutdown and restart too many times will make users uncomfortable about the Eco start stop Mercedes feature. For example, Stopping the red light in a short time and in large numbers leads to the ECO system operating a lot, which leads to the consumption of the battery, reducing the life of the battery as well as the starter.

In addition, this function is also dangerous to the vehicle in front because the distance between the vehicles is very short. So despite knowing this technology helps save fuel, many people don’t care and often choose to turn off this feature.

You cannot ask Mercedes to turn this feature off because of emissions regulations. But you can still turn off eco start stop Mercedes yourself if you have guidance and support from experienced people.

How to turn off eco start stop Mercedes?

To turn off the automatic ECO feature, it is necessary to unlock the automatic controller (Engine Control Module), so the implementation process needs to be done according to procedures and techniques. In addition, you need to prepare the necessary equipment and software, including:

These are the necessary devices and software to make the ECO stop feature disabled. Not fully equipped yet? Visit Eurocartool to buy diagnostic software and equipment, remove errors for Mercedes, VAG, JLR models at super preferential prices.

If the coding and programming process is not done carefully, it can lead to unexpected errors. This will probably cause the whole system to crash and you will waste more time and money on repairs. Therefore, you should ask for support from professional and experienced technicians to perform Turn off and on start/stop of Eurocartool through Booking Service Online.

User Manual “Turn off and on ECO start stop Mercedes” Service

To use the service, please contact us by the following ways, our technicians will perform remote support according to customer requirements.

  • Method 1: Contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 to discuss the car problem you are having. Our technical department is always ready to advise and support you 24/7
  • Method 2: You chat directly with us on the website, we will receive information and support you within 2-5 minutes. Or you can leave your information and phone number in the chat. Our technicians will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Method 3: Using Mercedes Booking Service Online

Step 1: Choose Service


Step 2: Enter Vehicle Information


Step 3: Order Booking


After receiving your order information, our technicians will feedback and advise on services and repair methods completely free of charge.
You need to confirm the information and pay. We will then proceed to perform the service you ordered remotely.

Special Booking Service in Eurocartool

Eurocartool is a unit specializing in providing software, diagnostic equipment and error removal on cars. In addition, we also have an Online Booking Service to provide maximum support to customers in the process of finding and deleting vehicle errors. Currently, we provide support services such as:

  • Active/Deactivate Function
  • Coding and programming, service Modul Control
  • Retrofits coding
  • Other services

When using our service, you will experience:

  • 24/7 technical support service: Diagnosis, Code-programming via Teamviewer
  • Always use the software and equipment best suited to your vehicle to perform programming.
  • Professional and experienced team of technicians.
  • Quick execution time.
  • Best repair quality and price in the market.

If you need remote technical support, immediately use the Booking service from Eurocartool. This service applies to most car models of Mercedes, VAG, GM, Ford, Mazda, and BMW brands. Contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation!

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