Instructions for using ODIS software for VAG group car manufacturers.

You are a technician learning about Odis software and don’t know how to use it? This is diagnostic software that many technicians appreciate. In this article, we will guide you to use this software in the most detail. In addition, we also provide a completely free user manual. Check out the article below!

What is Odis software?

Odis software is a diagnostic and programming software for vehicles belonging to VAG group. Currently, there are 2 software is Odis Service and Odis Engineer.
However, Odis Service software is more specialized in diagnostics, if you want to use the programming feature, you need an online login account.
Odis Engineer software will specialize in coding and programming.

Odis software and connection interface


Requires computer and device to connect Odis software

To be able to perform the diagnosis you need to have: Laptop + Diagnostic software + Diagnostic equipment.


You need to prepare a laptop with the following configuration: A core i5 laptop, At least 4GB ram, 256GB SSD hard drive space. 

Suppose you are looking for a computer with high durability, meeting the requirements of computer parameters and configuration. In that case, you can refer to the Laptops used by many technicians such as Laptop CF19, CF31, CF53, and CF-D1.



Diagnostic device: You need to prepare a diagnostic device to connect the software to the vehicle’s ECU. Currently on the market there are many devices that can work with Odis software such as VAS5054, VAS6154, Autel, Tabscan 6154+C, SVCI, CARDAG PLUS 3, VNCI 6154,….
Each device has its own advantages, You can choose one of the above devices to use, but Tabscan 6154+C is a device with many supporting functions that many technicians trust today.


Instructions for using ODIS diagnostic software

If you having trouble working and using VAG’s specialized diagnostic software and equipment, this is the right video for you, it’s completely free for you.

  • Preparation: Laptop to install diagnostic software + VAS 5054a diagnostic device.
  • Connect the diagnostic device and diagnostic software by USB cord.
  • Connect the VAS 5054a Diagnostic Device to the vehicle using the OBD port.
  • Open the diagnostic software

Step 1: Open Odis Service software (Click this software icon on the screen)

Step 2: Enter Vin number => start diagnosis

Step 3: Select Model and Version

Step 4: Select Engine Type => apply

This software shows the fault in the car, you can read the control module list

then you can read detailed information about the module you want to use.
You can refer to more manual videos on our Youtube channel, Automotive Diagnostic Software, all videos are done by our technicians to repair cars in detail.

Video tutorials made by technicians at Eurocartool. See detailed instructions on how to use it in the video below:

In addition, we will give you a free file to use this software. You can see here: Odis software manual file FREE

Above are the most detailed step-by-step instructions performed by the technicians at Eurocartool and recorded in the video. If you are looking to use this software, you can order it right at our website.
In addition, we have a remote support service that saves you time and money. Our technicians are available to fulfill your request 24/7. To book the service please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355

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