What is a DoIP diagnostic? Which is the best?


In the process of car repair, it is indispensable for devices to support programming, but now there are many doip devices on the market. So what is a DoIP device? Which is the best? What is special about the equipment at Eurocartool? Find out in this article.

What is a DoIP diagnostic?

DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) is Diagnostics over Internet Protocol or it is also known as remote diagnostics. It supports remote vehicle diagnostics and enables the communication between test tools and the in-car ECU. DoIP enables much faster data transfer rates with low hardware costs

Some DoIP devices at Eurocartool

Currently, Eurocartool provides specialist diagnostic equipment for Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, GM, and Volkswagen,… such as SD Connect C4, MDI2, JLR VCI, Vas5054a, Vas6154a, Icom next, K+Dcan,…
However, with DoIP devices, Eurocartool is providing 2 main devices, C4 DoIP and JLR Doip VCI


Mercedes SD connect C4 Doip

The SD connect C4 device is considered the most stable device when connecting to diagnostic and programming software such as Xentry, Vediamo and DTS Monaco.
The weight of this device is about 4kg, the neat design makes it easy to connect to the car and computer. C4 can be connected by both wire and wifi, so it will be easy for technicians to use and repair.

Device function: It can diagnose in-depth, easily access systems to read data, read errors, clear errors, encode control boxes, reset and activate vehicle systems quickly.

With features such as reading errors, deleting errors, describing errors, checking and repairing instructions, programming, coding, .. It can be said that this is a device used by many technicians around the world. .
See details here: SD Connect C4


JLR Doip VCI device

For JLR models, JLR VCI For Jaguar Land Rover cannot be ignored. With the main function is Supports all SDD programming & diagnostic protocols; Supports all; Pathfinder programming and diagnostic protocols; Supports offline Pathfinder activation service; Support WIFI connection; Support VBF; Editing files Supports editing EXML files, Technical software support SDD… VCI deserves the best and most used equipment when repairing JLR vehicles.

JLR VCI is the only approved interface for Pathfinder software. Doip is also compatible with new vehicle architectures available in 2017 and later, as well as with vehicles with Multi-CAN architecture from 2014 to 2016 in addition to all 2007 Jaguar and OBD2 vehicles and Newer Land Rovers.

See more: JLR DoIP VCI



Special support from Eurocartool

Eurocartool is a reputable address, specializing in providing quality products to customers. In addition, we have a team of technicians with many years of experience in the auto repair profession who are always ready to provide technical support for customers for life.
Eurocartool always puts the interests of customers first, so whenever you need support, our customer care department and technicians are always available for advice and support 24/7.
Fast delivery time from 5-7 days, support remote connection to check the quality of the product when you receive the goods. Support equipment warranty up to 6 months, software warranty 12 months.
If you have any questions, please contact us directly via our website or WhatsApp +84388951999 for the fastest support.

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