What is the Land Rover Diagnostic Tool?


Land Rover Diagnostic Tool is a diagnostic and programming support device during the repair of JLR vehicles. Currently on the market there are many tools and devices, but JLR Doip VCI is the most appreciated. In this article, Eurocartool will introduce this device in detail.

JLR DOIP VCI- Land Rover Diagnostic Tool

JLR DoIP VCI is the best Land Rover Diagnostic Tool widely used on the market today with advanced programming and diagnostic functions via CAN, MultiCAN, ISO 141.1 and SCP protocols.



Land Rover Diagnostic tool has outstanding features such as: support wifi connection, support VBF, support for offline Pathfinder activation, support for Pathfinder with models after 2017, and support SDD software with models before 2016,…

  • Works with models after 2017, Pathfinder software app support
  • Working with models before 2016, SDD software support.
  • Supports all SDD programming & diagnostic protocols.
  • Supports all Pathfinder programming and diagnostic protocols
  • Supports offline Pathfinder activation service.
  • Support WIFI connection…


JLR DOIP VCI Support Software

SDD Software is a specialized modular programming and diagnostic software for Jaguar and Land Rover models before 2017. The software supports fault code reading and analysis. fault codes, monitor vehicle operation data, and record vehicle ECM and TCM data.
Pathfinder Software is also diagnostic and programming software for vehicles from 2017 to present. Connection software DOIP, supports reading and clearing error codes, reading data streams as well as adding other special features.

Advantages – Disadvantages
Diagnostic Tool For Land Rover has all the features of an in-depth diagnostic device with advantages such as:

  • Multi-language
  • support – Supports all vehicle models before 2005
  • Performance great
  • But this best land rover diagnostic tool still has disadvantages: it’s expensive in spite of its being a rep 1:1 tool.

Currently, Eurocartool provides 2 JLR DoIP VCI devices, one has a screen that shows clear parameters and results, the other has no screen. Depending on your needs and ability to pay, you can choose the most suitable Land Rover Diagnostic Tool.
To buy the product you can see details here:: JLR DoIP VCI (with screen); JLR DoIP VCI (without screen)

The diagnostic device for Land Rover is the only one that integrates with the Pathfinder software. With full features like genuine products and much more savings, this is definitely the first choice for technicians.

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