Instructions for Connecting Xentry C6 Original Diagnostics


Xentry C6 original is one of the best diagnostic and programming devices available today. Technicians around the world use it during the auto repair and appreciate it very much. So how to use it? Check out the article below!

Overview of diagnostic equipment C6

The MB Star c6 original diagnostic machine is the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment for Mercedes models on the market. MB Star C6 is an upgraded version from 2 versions of Mercedes Benz Star C4 and C5 before that. This is definitely a perfect diagnostic version and the optimal solution for garages, and service shops specializing in repairing Mercedes Benz models on the market.

Features xentry c6 original: 

  • Supports Doip (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) connection protocol
  • Compact design: Mercedes-Benz specialized diagnostic equipment with the new version has a compact size, rugged, suitable for environmental work at service and repair workshops
  • Use on the latest diagnostic software provided with ASCOM
  • Support diagnostics for new car models: With the latest version of  XENTRY DIAGNOSTICS OPEN SHELL software on the market today from now on. Star C6 supports the diagnosis of many new car models such as Series A, B, CLC, C, E, S, CLK, CLS, CL, SLK, SLS, M, G, E, GL, GLK,…
  • Supports diagnostics Small truck diagnostics: In addition to passenger cars, the Mer-C6 specialized diagnostic machine supports small trucks such as MB 100 (631), T1, Sprinter III, Citan, Vito (639), Vito (638), V (638), Viano (639), T2, Vario, Vaneo (414),…
  • Support for heavy truck diagnostics: The special thing from the Mercedes-Benz Star C6 diagnostic device supports the diagnosis diagnose heavy trucks, specialized vehicles such as Actros 963/4, Actros 2, 3, Atego III, Atego II, Axor II, Eonic, Zetros, Actros, Atego Light, Atego Heavey, HPN M96, Atron, HPN M2000, SKL, FSK,…
C6 original

The latest version of Mercedes Xentry software

  • Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell XDOS is a specialized diagnostic software from Mercedes-Benz. With this software, you can diagnose all systems of all Mercedes models, including trucks, construction machinery, and the same group of vehicles as Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach, Fuso… Update 03.2022 is the most current updated version.
  • Mercedes sd connect c6 by Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell software is a specialized software from Mercedes, which supports all functions from installation, repair instructions, indicating damage locations on the vehicle, programming, and coding the electrical control system. dead in the car. Make your job super easy.


How To Mercedes SD Connect C6 Original?

1. Connect OBD and cable (Xentry diagnostics vci / C6 )

How does C6 VCI connect to DTS Monaco 2

2. Use configassist configuration put item

mercedes sd connect c6
mercedes sd connect c6

3. Select diagnostic Xentry vci.

Connect C6 original 3

4. Enter the key.

mercedes sd connect c6

5. Finish the shape.

mercedes sd connect c6

6. Vehicle Connection, Diagnostics.

mercedes sd connect c6
mercedes sd connect c6
mercedes sd connect c6
mercedes sd connect c6


Connecting and using Xentry Diagnosis VCI Mercedes Benz – xentry diagnostic c6  is extremely simple. With just a few taps, you can link the Mercedes software to your vehicle and quickly test all of your vehicle’s systems.

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