AUTOTECH TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY.JSC (AUTOTECH GARAGE) was officially born on March 27, 2021. Eurocartool is a subsidiary of AUTOTECH company specializing in the sale of diagnostic and support. Software support not only in Vietnam and all over the world. 

Starting from an idea of ​​building up an auto ecosystem, taking the heart as a profession, working to the best of our ability and kindness. Autotech – Eurocartool has affirmed its prestige in the auto service market in Hanoi, Saigon in particular, and Vietnam in general.

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1. The symbolic meaning of the Autotech logo. 


The Autotech logo has the symbol ‘ A ‘. The letter ‘A’ is the first letter of the alphabet – This is the image that Autotech aims to lead the ecosystem with multi-industry, creating a passionate working environment working day and night, serving a common ideal – to contribute to the good of society.

With the same mission and desire to give everyone the best repair service and experience, Eurocartool was born.

This is a company under the management of Autotech, with the mission of bringing important equipment and materials to all technicians with the main color being Red representing the fire and strong desire. strong

2 .The color meaning of the logo

Orange also represents a connection like a flame that is always burning and can spread. Orange helps to identify good colors, creating sympathy for customers.

We guarantee innovation will bring modern experience, comfort, and best technology to Customers.

3.Become a reliable cooperation partner 

With our vision and mission, we gradually become friends and relatives of customers. Ready and accompanies customers every step of the way. With the prestige of the quality of spare parts, repair, and warranty services, not only customers but also other car garages have accompanied and trusted Autotech. Besides the auto repair workshop, which is equipped with modern equipment for repair work, we also organize weekly training sessions for young technicians to improve repair skills.

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Training diagnostic

4. Core Values

  •  Customer satisfaction

Service attitude and service quality are always our pride. To ensure that every service and solution we bring is optimal for customers. Always focusing on ‘Time is gold, your safety is number 1’

We always think and act from the customer’s point of view.

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Autotech-We are number 1
  • Service

Always make efforts and commitment in each service from basic to advanced, to bring high-quality service to each of our customers.

Commitment to service quality is also our strength to affirm our position in the market. If you are looking for the best diagnostic device on the market, then Eurocartool is your companion

Technical Support Diagnostic Tool
  • Quality

Quality is one of the leading criteria in the company’s activities. Spare parts of clear origin, guaranteed origin, reasonable price, and warranty that every customer must be surprised are the criteria of our company 

Technical Support Range Rover


Technical Support

With the spirit of constantly updating new things with the company. With new technology to perfect the repair, we always move forward and develop ourselves.

  • Passion

Turn the passion and aspiration for the development of the Vietnamese auto service industry to bring success to organizations as well as individuals.

We are committed in every heart, mind and enjoy what we do.

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My garage training

At Autotech , you will get to meet top experts and enjoy excellent services like no other .

  • People

Technical team with many years of experience in the field of auto repair and maintenance

Focus on perfecting the process set out by the company, with continuous improvement time 

Focusing on training activities to improve qualifications, skills as well as the spirit of technicians weekly, monthly

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We are Autotech

In addition, we also organize outdoor activities, soccer sports, camping festivals to help people relax.

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Team Building

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Thanks to our dedication in building reputation and improving service quality, Autotech Garage has gradually established itself as a professional company. can satisfy the most demanding customers, with cars ranging from popular cars to cars in the most high-end segment.