Best Porsche diagnostic tool 2022


Porsche diagnostic tool used by many technicians are the Vas 6154 and Piwis 3, but not all technicians know all of their features. Each device has different outstanding features, so which device should be used? Please refer to Vas6154a and Piwis 3 in the article below!


Vas6154a is Porsche diagnostic tool, which is the latest diagnostic and programming device for Porsche. The device supports reading and clearing fault codes, dynamic data streams, coding and personalized settings, including service information systems, technical briefs, diagrams, spare parts drawings, etc.


Function of Vas6154

Vas6154 is upgraded from old devices, so it has more outstanding features such as:

  • Supports Wifi and USB connection
  • Diagnostic protocol contains GFF interrupts, extended measured values, Improved overview of ECU communication, diagnostic hardware used, diagnostic hardware connection type, operating system, hotfix usage, and support request submission.
  • Improved display of measured values.
  • Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.
  • A message box will be displayed at the start of the test drive.
  • GFF error correction can be integrated into diagnostic sessions.
  • Auto-delete auto-save diagnostic protocols after successful transfer.
  • Expanded selection of diagnostic equipment.

Device Vas6154 is very convenient with compact design, good compatibility, supports all Porsche versions from 2000 onwards and many other models. Reasonable price and versatile, so technicians all over the world love to use it.

Piwis tester III

Porsche diagnostic tool – Piwis tester 3 is the latest device of the third generation developed by Porsche, supporting advanced programming and diagnostics of models from 2002 onwards. Compatible with all models of diagnostic computers


Function of Porsche Piwis tester 3

  • Porsche piwis 3 is the latest device, so it has features such as:
  • Diagnostic application
  • Guided bug finding
  • Actual value / input signal function
  • Driving test/link function
  • Maintenance/repair function group
  • Programming/coding function group
  • Journaling
  • Filter
  • Wiring Diagram Application
  • Instrumentation interface
  • Spending an amount equal to your breakfast for 3 months can own a quality computer for your work for a decade (10 years)

The Piwis tester 3 device is also very convenient and easy to use, supporting the diagnosis of all Porsche models up to 2020. Compatible with diagnostic computers. Help technicians save time and repair costs.

You can refer to the complete software and equipment package for Porsche here: PORSCHE PACKAGE

Which device is the best Porsche diagnostic tool?

Piwis tester 3 and Vas 6154 are both commonly used devices on the market with good diagnostic capabilities and support for most current vehicle models. Piwis Tester 3 supports Porsche-specific Piwis 3 devices, compatible with Piwis software, so the basic diagnostic features perform well, supporting models from 2002-2020.3, you can refer to Piwisthe Porsche tool set. Vas 6154 is a versatile device that supports many vehicle models, with a reasonable price and unlimited repair, this device will be suitable for technicians who have to work with many different car models.


The above is information about the best diagnostic tool for Porsche, if you want to get more information, please see the details in the article or contact us directly on WhatsApp: +13155472355 With a team of technicians ready to support 24/7, you will be satisfied for sure!

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