Best Porsche Diagnostic Tool: VAS6154A vs Piwis Tester 3


Two Porsche diagnostic tool are supreme among technicians: the VAS6154 and the Piwis 3. Each device boasts its own unique strengths, catering to specific jobs and requirements. If you find yourself torn between these two exceptional tools, fret not, for this comprehensive guide will illuminate the path towards selecting the ideal companion for your diagnostic endeavors.

Which device is the best Porsche diagnostic tool?

Piwis tester 3 and Vas6154 are both commonly used devices on the market with good diagnostic capabilities and support for most current vehicle models. Piwis Tester 3 supports Porsche-specific Piwis 3 devices, compatible with Piwis software, so the basic diagnostic features perform well, supporting models from 2002-2020.3, you can refer to Piwisthe Porsche tool set. Vas 6154 is a versatile device that supports many vehicle models, with a reasonable price and unlimited repair, this device will be suitable for technicians who have to work with many different car models.

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VAS6154A- Friendly Porsche diagnostic tool

VAS6154a is a Porsche diagnostic tool, which is the latest diagnostic and programming device for Porsche. The device supports reading and clearing fault codes, dynamic data streams, coding and personalized settings, including service information systems, technical briefs, diagrams, spare parts drawings, etc.


The VAS6154 diagnostic tool is an advanced upgrade from earlier models, designed for enhanced efficiency in automotive diagnostics, particularly for Porsche vehicles. It features both WiFi and USB connectivity for flexible operation and integrates sophisticated diagnostic protocols such as GFF interrupts, which provide detailed insights into ECU communications and system diagnostics.

Key enhancements include an improved display of measurement values, user-friendly interfaces with documents shown in separate windows, and real-time messaging at the start of test drives. It also automates the deletion of saved diagnostic protocols post-transfer, optimizing device performance.

The tool’s compact design, compatibility with all Porsche models from 2000 onwards, and its ability to cater to a variety of other vehicle brands make it a practical choice for technicians worldwide. Its combination of affordability and versatile functionality has earned it widespread acclaim in the automotive industry.

You can refer to the complete software and equipment package for Porsche here: PORSCHE PACKAGE

Piwis Tester III – Dealer Porsche diagnostic tool

Porsche diagnostic tool – Piwis tester 3 is the latest device of the third generation developed by Porsche, supporting advanced programming and diagnostics of models from 2002 onwards. Compatible with all models of diagnostic computers


The Porsche Piwis Tester 3 equips technicians with a variety of advanced features, including diagnostic applications that simplify the troubleshooting process, and programming capabilities crucial for modern vehicle maintenance. It also facilitates operational testing through driving test and link functions to ensure vehicle systems are functioning correctly. For maintenance tasks, it organizes functions into groups for efficient workflow, and provides access to technical resources like wiring diagrams. Moreover, the tool is designed for ease of use and is compatible with diagnostic computers, which helps technicians save time and reduce repair costs.
Remarkably, the cost of acquiring this tool is not expensive, yet it provides reliable functionality for a decade, making it a smart investment for automotive professionals.

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