3 Ways to Solve BMW ICM Module Fault


BMW ICM module fault prevents you from using the car’s utilities as normal. Experts from Eurocartool  will share with you the simplest and fastest way to fix this problem in the article below.

What is BMW ICM module fault?

BMW ICM – the integrated chassis management – is the part that has the function of managing the chassis control system and is connected to all control modules in the vehicle such as the central display, radio control module, ABS, power steering control module, vehicle height control module, headlights, etc


A faulty BMW ICM module will cause parts to fail, such as:

  • Problem with broken headlights.
  • The music system doesn’t work
  • The dynamic system is not working.
  • Hard power steering.
  • Unable to supply high voltage level to control module.
  • The height control system malfunctioned.

Cause of BMW ICM failure

Because the BMW ICM module is linked to many different parts of the vehicle to manage their operations. So when any part has a problem, it can cause the ICM to fail, including:

  • Hardware errors: Some errors can be caused by problems with hardware components inside the ICM, such as damaged microchips, faulty memory, or other components not working properly.
  • Software errors: Software errors can occur due to incorrect installation, failed software updates or programming errors.
  • Electrical problems: Some errors can be caused by electrical problems in the system, such as short circuits, loss of power, or other problems related to the electrical system.
  • Sensor errors: Sensors in the ICM may be damaged or not working properly, leading to errors in data collection and processing.
  • Connection error: When the connection between the ICM and other components in the system is broken, problems BMW ICM module fault may occur.


However, to accurately determine the cause of the ICM failure, inspection and diagnosis by a professional BMW technician is required.

3 simple ways to fix BMW ICM module fault

In general, ways to fix ICM will include:

  • Replace the defective ICM control module.
  • Repair ICM wiring.
  • Replace another faulty control mod
  • Repair the wiring of another control module.
  • Additionally, if replacing a faulty ICM control module, perform coding and programming.

Depending on some cases, different methods will be used. You can refer to some of the following cases:

How to fix ICM in case of control module failure

In this case, you need to use a scan tool to find the trouble code in the control module if you see symptoms such as stiff power steering or a power steering warning light displayed on the instrument cluster.

If the results show that the error code is related to the integrated chassis management control module, continue to use the machine to carefully check the ICM control module to accurately detect the cause.


Then replace it with a new control module and proceed with coding and programming the new module.

In case too many errors appear in the control modules. Performing a scan with professional equipment will show errors like 4827EC ICM: control unit, internal fault. So the error is occurring in the ICM itself. Replace it and do the coding and reprogramming.

In case the headlights do not work normally

The headlight has a problem during operation or there is a problem with the headlight and after diagnosis, it turns out that there is a problem with the control module.

First, check the BMW ICM module fault code with a specialized diagnostic device, and confirm the problem is in the headlight controller or ICM module.

Or you can confirm that when the headlights do not work or fluctuations occur inside the headlights, it is most likely due to a faulty ICM.

In the case of low-voltage

After using the measuring tool, it was found that all control modules had low voltage.

Check the battery or car battery status. If the battery is still working fine, recheck all control module error codes. If an error code appears in the control module, it indicates that the ICM is sending an incorrect signal or has a problem. The remaining work is to perform coding and reprogramming the ICM to fix this problem.

New ICM encoding instructions

Equipment and software required

  • Software: In this guide, we use the software ISTA D, Esys (if the BMW car is series F), ISTA P (if the BMW car is series E)
  • Device: ICOM

New ICM encoding steps


Step 1: Diagnose and check what errors the ICM currently


Step 2: If the ICM is setting the code or the code is wrong with the vehicle’s Project. Then we have to recode ICM


Step 3: Go to Esys select the control box control ICM and change the CAFD code file to suit the vehicle


Step 4 select code



Step 5 Exit Esys and enter ISTA to check BMW ICM module fault



Step 6 Complete if the errors are gone, otherwise recalibrate the ICM-controlled systems that are generating errors



BMW ICM module fault, causing the lighting system and electrical system to be affected and not function properly. Hopefully, the information shared by Eurocartool experts will help you overcome the ICM problem you are having. If you need help, our experts are always ready to support you via WhatsApp:+13155472355