BMW Fuel Pump Control Module Failure Symptoms


BMW fuel pump control module failure symptoms are often related to malfunctioning fuel pump and fuel filter operation. In this article, experts from Eurocartool will discuss symptoms, causes and solutions for BMW fuel pump control module problems. In addition, you will also learn about proper maintenance to minimize this problem and keep your BMW running more smoothly.

BMW Fuel Pump Control Module Failure Symptoms

Just like other electronic components on the vehicle, the fuel pump control module can fail and cause the vehicle to not operate as expected. Some BMW fuel pump control module failure symptoms you can easily notice include:

Cannot start the car

One of the easiest signs to recognize when the module is faulty is that the fuel pump does not receive a signal or receives an incorrect intermittent signal. Because this module is mainly responsible for regulating the voltage inside the fuel pump. When it is damaged, the correct amount of fuel will not be injected for the engine to operate. As a result, you cannot start the car.


Fuel filter clogged

In case the fuel pump control module is damaged, it will affect the performance of the entire system. Fuel that is not injected in the correct amount can easily cause the filter to become clogged. If this condition persists, the fuel filter cannot function optimally and its usefulness is limited.

Performance is noticeably reduced

BMW cars are famous for their excellent performance and performance parameters. However, pump module errors will greatly affect car performance. Because the engine will not receive or receive not enough fuel or appropriate fuel pressure for the combustion process. The BMW will operate with difficulty or not be able to accelerate according to your expectations.


Car stalled

Normally the engine will not stall even if it receives less fuel than needed. However, when the fuel pump control module fails, it will cause your engine to overheat and be forced to stop to avoid damaging other parts.Additionally, your motor may overheat if the old and worn pump motor becomes too hot.

Loud noise from fuel tank

Unusual sounds coming from the fuel tank can also be a sign that the fuel pump control module is faulty. You will hear loud gurgling noises coming from the fuel tank.


Excessive fuel loss

The pumping process is not properly controlled and will cause more fuel consumption than usual. Too much fuel is supplied to the engine and you have to go to the gas station more often to refill the fuel tank. Therefore, if you find that you travel the same distance but have to refuel more, you must immediately check the fuel pump control module.

Creates smoke when starting the car

When you start the engine, you will see your car emitting a lot of smoke. This phenomenon is what causes this problem. If you ignore it and continue to use the car, the danger to other parts of the car will become more serious and it will also harm the environment.

Causes of BMW fuel pump driver module failure

  • Low fuel in the tank: The habit of driving when the amount of fuel is significantly low will cause the fuel tank to overheat and begin to degrade. So check the fuel tank after turning on the taplo and must be refilled when empty.
  • Not changing the oil regularly: Changing the oil incorrectly according to the maintenance schedule will easily damage the fuel pump. Because lack of lubrication increases friction and increases temperature, the fuel pump fails.
  • Dirty fuel: Unfiltered dirt gets into the fuel pump and causes it to operate inefficiently.

Some fault codes related to the fuel pump control module

After diagnosis with specialized scanning equipment or BMW ISTA D diagnostic software, there will be a number of error codes related to fuel pump control module errors as follows:


  • 481B01 EKPS control voltage too low
  • 6292 EKPS – Control voltage to low
  • 6291 6293 – Control Current too high
  • 0029DC – Low pressure in the high-pressure system
  • 0029F3 – Fuel pressure sensor, electric (Could also be caused by a defective fuel pressure sensor. )
  • 002B2C – High-pressure fuel system, fuel pressure
  • 0029DC – High-pressure fuel, plausibility, cold start
  • 29F2 – DME fuel high-pressure system, fuel pressure.
  • 29F1 – DME (gasoline engine control)Fuel pressure fuel, plausibility
  • 2AAE – Fuel pump, Intermittent

The checking steps are as follows:

Step 1: Plug the scanner into the diagnostic port located under the dashboard


Step 2: Start the engine


Step 3: Turn on the scanner -> select BMW chassis -> select control unit menu


Step 4: At Drive -> Control the EKPS fuel pump.


Step 5: After importing the EKPS module, you can perform the following operations.

  • Read code from EKPS module
  • Remove code from EKPS module
  • Make adjustments, activate, test


How to fix BMW Fuel Pump Control Module Failure 

In case the BMW fuel pump control module failure symptoms failure , there are 2 solutions:

  • Reset the EKPS controller
  • Activate the fuel pump

BMW fuel pump control module failure symptoms will cause a series of easily recognizable signs. If you continue to drive in this condition, the vehicle will quickly stall or fail to start while on the road. The solution using professional scanning equipment will help you check and delete error codes on the module, if any. Or you have to take it to the nearest repair garage for replacement. If you encounter problems during programming of the fuel pump control module, let experts from Eurocartool provide direct support via WhatsApp: +13155472355