AMG Menu Activation via VCX SE on Mercedes

If you are looking for a way to activate the AMG menu on your Mercedes, the following article will guide you how to activate it. By using MBtools and VCX SE, you can easily activate with just a few simple steps.

What is an AMG Menu?

The AMG Menu on Mercedes vehicles is part of the vehicle’s information and entertainment system, found in AMG models, which belong to Mercedes’ line of sports and high-performance cars.
AMG Menu provides a special interface for functions and information related to the performance and control of AMG vehicles. This allows the driver to access and customize settings and settings related to the performance and driving experience of the AMG vehicle.


Why do I need to enable/disable the Instrument Cluster AMG Menu feature?

The AMG Menu feature brings good experiences to users, but not everyone wants to activate this feature. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this feature below.


  • Performance Information: Instrument Cluster AMG Menu often provides detailed information about the vehicle’s performance, including engine power, torque, and other parameters.
  • High-performance vehicle enthusiasts often want to monitor these numbers to evaluate the vehicle’s condition and performance.
  • Diverse Driving Modes: Adjustment features such as Dynamic Select are often available in the Instrument Cluster AMG Menu, helping drivers choose a driving mode that suits the situation and personal preferences.
  • Alerts and Notifications: This feature can also provide performance and maintenance-related alerts and notifications, helping drivers maintain and monitor vehicle health.


  • Complexity: Some drivers may feel that the parameters and options in the AMG Menu are too complex or unnecessary for their daily driving needs.
  • Feature Not Used: People who are not interested in high performance and detailed specifications may not find it necessary to enable this feature.
  • High Price: AMG versions typically cost more than standard versions. Those who don’t feel premium features and performance are important can choose the standard versions to save costs.
  • In short, the choice between enabling or disabling the Instrument Cluster AMG Menu feature often depends on each person’s personal driving preferences and needs.

Many car owners want to activate this feature themselves, however, with special features, intervention from an experienced technician is required. Because they are the ones who have the knowledge and skills to perform difficult operations.

If you want to activate this feature, you can text us via website or WhatsApp +13155472355 to receive support from a Eurocartool technician. In addition, if you have experience in repairing, you can see the instructions below.

How to activate the instrument cluster AMG menu Mercedes?

To activate this feature, you need to prepare the necessary software and tools. Below are some suggestions for equipment you will need.

Device and software requirements

Devices and software that need to be used during the activation of Mercedes AMG menu:

  • Diagnostic equipment: You can use one of the specialized equipment used for Mercedes such as SD connect C4, C6 original, VCX, J2534,… (in this article we guide you how to use the VCX SE device)
  • Software to perform coding: MBTools

Instructions for activating the feature in 5 steps

Below are detailed instructions when activating AMG Mercedes:
Step 1: Connect the diagnostic device to the car and laptop


Step 2: Open MBTools software then select “Identify vehicle” to communicate with the connected vehicle


Step 3: Select “Connect to ECU” to connect to the Instrument Cluster module then select “Set AMG”


Step 4: Set up the interface and necessary features to display then select “Apply”


Note: Please note that the AMG Menu might not work on monochrome (black/white) clusters.
Step 5: Complete, check the vehicle interface again


With just 5 simple steps, you can activate the AMG menu feature, however not all Mercedes models can activate this feature. To check you can contact us for support.
In addition, Eurocartool provides coding and programming services, providing VIN numbers, maps codes, Radio codes… Refer to our website for more useful information about these services.