How to fix DSC Malfunction BMW?


DSC Malfunction BMW appeared when having traction problems while driving or the DSC warning light is on. In addition to mechanical repairs, in some cases the system may need to be reset. The steps will be shared by Eurocartool experts in the article below.

What is DSC BMW?

DSC -Dynamic Stability Control- is a system that ensures the highest balance when driving and optimizes the traction of all wheels when accelerating or decelerating. DSC can also detect the first signs of oversteer or understeer and will increase vehicle balance even when the wheels grip the road poorly.

When the vehicle is moving, the sensor elements regularly check the signals: wheel rotation, steering angle, tire edge force, pressure and rotation angle to provide appropriate braking force to each wheel to keep the vehicle moving. in the best balance.

How does the dsc module BMW work?

The DSC electronic stability system automatically controls the vehicle when it detects wheel slippage. The system protects against skidding by optimally controlling the engine output and braking force applied to each wheel through combined control of the 4-wheel anti-lock braking system and the Traction Control System (TCS). This helps the vehicle maintain stability even in situations such as when cornering on slippery roads or when steering suddenly to avoid hazards.

For example, if the vehicle is facing the outside of a curve, the systems will prevent front wheel slippage by reducing engine power and applying brakes to the inside wheel. Conversely, if the vehicle exceeds speed and heads towards the inside of the curve, the system applies brakes to the outside wheels, thereby eliminating rear wheel slippage.

What does DSC malfunction mean on a BMW?

Normally, after you start the car, the DSC light will flash on the dashboard for a few seconds and then turn off. If the light does not come on or stays on after starting the engine, it means there is a problem with this system.
At this point you will notice a series of signs that DSC is faulty including:

  • Wheel drifting when cornering at high speed.
  • Acceleration is problematic
  • Tires feel like they don’t have enough force

These are all very dangerous problems and if you encounter this situation, quickly bring your car to a maintenance facility as soon as possible.

Reason DSC Malfunction BMW

The DSC Malfunction BMW, causing the vehicle to easily lose control. Below are some possible causes of errors on dsc module bmw.

The sensor has a problem:

  • The sensor used to detect wheel slippage is not working or operating poorly. If this is the case, the system is virtually disabled and the vehicle does not have any traction control system while on the road.
  • Besides, without a sensor is also extremely dangerous because it can cause the brakes to not work properly. The car may even lose traction and lose control. Therefore, check all sensors regularly to ensure that they are working properly.

Braking force is unstable: The system cannot adjust braking force when necessary, easily causing the vehicle to lose control when cornering. Because the DSC system uses sensors to monitor the vehicle’s movement, when it detects that the vehicle has lost traction, the brakes will immediately be activated for the wheels. But in the case of unstable braking force, efforts to stabilize the vehicle will not be possible.

Hydraulic pump problems: The hydraulic pump system is responsible for providing main pressure for the DSC system to operate. If this system does not provide enough pressure or has a leak, the DSC system cannot operate normally and may even be damaged.

If the DSC Malfunction BMW, it can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Some suggestions to help you fix the problem of DSC Malfunction BMW

  • In case the battery is low: A faulty battery will not provide enough power for the DSC’s sensors to operate normally. Check the battery to see if it is providing enough power by using a multimeter. Then use an external charger to fully charge the battery. If the battery is old, replace it completely.
  • In case the brake fluid is not enough: After servicing or performing a routine check, if the brake fluid is insufficient, follow the instructions that came with your vehicle to refill the brake fluid.
  • In case of sensor error: With this method, you just need to remove the battery and reinsert it after about 15-20 minutes. At this point the sensor will automatically reset.
  • In case the sensor is broken: The sensor is damaged due to being used too long or operating intermittently. To fix it, you need to replace it. The first step is to locate the broken sensor, remove the old sensor and install a new sensor in this location.

If the DSC Malfunction BMW still does not go away, you can refer to the instructions to fix the error by using professional equipment according to the steps below.

Instructions for resetting BMW DSC

According to statistics from repairmen, damage to the DSC system often occurs on X3, X5, Z-series, 3-series, 5-series and 7-series cars.

In the instructions below, we will guide you to reset the DSC light on the BMW 3 Series F31 2016 via Autel MK808.
If this is your first time using this device, you will need to connect to wifi and log in with your ID and password. If you don’t have an account yet, visit the website to register for one.

Step 1: Connect the Autel MK808 device to the car via the OBDII connection port


Step 2: Power on the Autel MK808 diagnostic machine.

Step 3: On the screen, click Diagnostic


Choose BMW

Select Manual selection, Choose series


It communicates with the ECU, giving us a big list of systems that will allow to diagnose. Find the ABS/DSC system.
Diagnosis >> Control unit >> Chassis

choose-function-fix-dsc-malfunction Step-7-Fix-dsc-malfunction-bmw

ABS – DSC(ABS-Dynamic stability control) >> Read codes



It reports an error code here: 48082A – wheel speed sensor (WSS): short circuit in right rear voltage supply to battery (+)

That means the right rear ABS sensor has a problem. Actually, this is a very common error on BMW cars, this car has had the ABS sensor replaced.


So go back to clear codes,
ESC >> Erase codes

DTCs and freeze data will be deleted, press “Yes” to continue.
Codes have been successfully erased. Press “OK” to finish.
The ABS warning light has gone!
Return to “Read codes” again to verify as well.


This is use Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool to reset ABS for BMW 3 series F31, it can also work on BMW 3 Series E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F35, BMW 4 Series F32, F33, F36, BMW 5 Series E39, E60, F07, F10, F11…etc.
In addition, you can also use ISTA D diagnostic software for in-depth predictions, error reading, error deletion… for vehicle systems.

Above is the information provided about DSC Malfunction BMW and how to clear the error. You can refer to it and do it, if you have a problem at that time, please contact us via the website or WhatsApp +13155472355 for support.