4 Jaguar Diagnostic Software for JLR Technician


Jaguar Diagnostic Software helps technicians perform professional diagnosis, lookup, coding and programming for Jaguar vehicles. Are you looking for diagnostic software for Jaguar vehicles but don’t know which software is right for you and your Jaguar’s needs? Please refer to the JLR software compiled and introduced by Eurocartool in the article below.

SDD Jaguar Diagnostic Software

SDD diagnostic software is Jaguar Diagnostic Software designed to perform diagnostics and specialized module programming for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles from the years 2005-2017. JLR SDD has a simple interface and is easy to use in finding errors on the vehicle.
Just like other common diagnostic systems, SDD Jaguar will read and provide the user with error codes. Then, users will use this information to analyze the codes and find errors in the vehicle from the provided data.

The main feature of SDD software is reading error codes and analyzing error codes to repair the vehicle. This software also monitors vehicle operating data, records ECM and TCM data to quickly detect unusual problems and display warnings. Besides, SDD Jaguar can also perform reading and resetting of airbag error lights, adjusting vehicle height and folding mirrors, resetting lights and activating ABS pump, master programming, adjusting throttle, programming the engine electronic control system, reading data and other special functions,…

In general, SDD software will support analysis of error codes and suggest to users appropriate solutions. However, remember, SDD was developed to detect error codes and provide corresponding repair recommendations. It is not guaranteed that the error codes are unique and accurate.


Pathfinder Jaguar Diagnostic Software

Land Rover pathfinder – JLR Pathfinder is software that works with the new DoIP interface and is designed to diagnose and reprogram Jaguar vehicles manufactured after 2017.

Newer cars have increasingly complex electronic systems and the need for data communication between components is increasing. This means that manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover Automotive needs a more efficient in-car communication network such as Ethernet and a Cloud system. They have developed a completely new Pathfinder software system with a DoIP interface and it allows for faster diagnostics, programming and communication, making it quicker to use and more time-saving.

The main function of Pathfinder software includes reading and deleting error codes on the vehicle. This software will read the data stream of the vehicle’s modules to quickly detect errors. Pathfinder also supports special functions, ECU reprogramming, key and code programming, providing vehicle maintenance instructions and other service functions.

The JLR DoIP VCI is the only device compatible with Pathfinder software. To connect and use, you can follow the instructions below to learn and use. You can also see more articles about JLR DoIP devices to better understand this device on our website.


CCf tools 4.6

CCf Editor tools is a standalone application that can be used in conjunction with SDD or Pathfinder software. There is an option to copy downloaded and edited files to relevant folders for SDD and Pathfinder, for Pathfinder you should upload and let Pathfinder download them on its own.

This application allows downloading vehicle CCF by VIN as built and also configuration files for all SDD and Pathfinder models. Then edit the entire vehicle configuration file for all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles manufactured from approximately 2006 – 2008 depending on the vehicle model to today, all vehicles using SDD or Pathfinder.

Applications that support SOAP-encoded VBF* files sometimes appear from JLR. CCFs of similar generations can be compared using the improved comparison function, which now allows opening ZIP files containing CCFs.

cff tool jlr

Jaguar Diagnostic Software CCF Tool 4.6 Vehicles Supported:

  • L319, L320, L322, L358,462, L465, L494, L538, L550, L551, L359, L361, L371, L571, L575, L591, L663,L664,L392, L405, L460, L461, L L552, L560, L561, L860 Land Rover Vehicle Lines
  • X161, X162, X250,X150, X151, X152,  X260,X262, X270, X760, X761, X762, X763,X351, X391 , X393, X540, X572, X574, X590, X770 Jaguar Vehicle Lines
  • Any vehicle not listed but covered by SDD or Pathfinder.
  • Supports all SDD-supported VBF files.

Note:  With Vehicles before approx 2010 for LR and 2008 for Jaguar values EUCD and MultiCAN are not used and may show odd data and for all vehicles after 2010 and Pre 2020 all parameters are used.
Most vehicles in 2020/2021 and newer do not use T5 values so these are not shown in the latest version.

SEEDKEY SDD software

SEEDKEY SDD software is a Jaguar Diagnostic Software that supports unlocking ECUs, coding and changing features by accessing JLR SDD engineering mode to configure parameters.

Advantages of SEEDKEY SDD software:

  • Versatile: This software is compatible with many different car models, including the newest car models on the market. This makes it possible for users to use the same tool for multiple vehicles.
  • Easy to use: Simple and friendly user interface, allowing users to easily operate and learn the software’s functions.
  • Continuous updates: SEEDKEY SDD software is regularly updated to support new vehicle models and provide the latest patches. This ensures that users always have the latest software version to use.


This article has provided the most general information about Jaguar Diagnostic Software, which is most used to support diagnosis and error removal for Jaguar vehicles. Each software has different features and advantages, you can base on our sharing to choose the software that best suits your actual needs. If you have any difficulties while using the diagnostic software for Jaguar vehicles, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for free consultation.

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