BMW 30FF Code, Symptoms, How to fix?


If you see warnings like “Lack of power,” “Check Engine light on,” “Reduced engine performance message displayed,” appear, which is usually a common sign of error BMW 30FF Code. This is the most annoying and complicated error code on the car. Following the instructions of Eurocartool experts in the article below will help you know how to repair effectively and save the most time.

What is BMW 30FF Code?

30FF DME: Turbocharger, charge-air pressure too low. Engine error code 30FF on BMW N54 is often related to the turbocharger, an important component that plays a role in the process of increasing intake air pressure. The message usually identifies that the intake air pressure is too low due to a DME (Engine Control Module) error. Drivers who receive this message will understand that the N54 engine is operating at low boost pressure or is not delivering enough pressure, affecting overall engine performance.

This problem can lead to unstable turbocharging or even loss of proper pressure, significantly affecting engine performance.When driving, you will feel the engine operating slowly, not smoothly and less efficiently. Some of our customers have shared experiences of power loss, while also being upset with the performance reduction message on their i-drive screen.


Symptoms when the car appears BMW 30FF code

The engine will show signs of damage such as:

  • Engine lacks power, slow acceleration
  • Stop the engine when idling or rough idling
  • Difficult to start the engine
  • Engine log shows “target not met” increase
  • Rattling sound at the garbage disposal door


To read this error BMW 30FF Code, you can use multi-function diagnostic machines available on the market such as Autel, Launch, Innova,… Or use ISTA D diagnostic software specialized for BMU vehicles.

How to check and find the cause of BMW 30FF errors?

If you are experiencing this error code, you need to realize that the N54 engine in your BMW is not operating as expected. The process of determining the cause of this problem can be complicated, especially when the turbo and other components may be involved. Therefore, it is most important to thoroughly examine your system’s components to ensure that you have all the information you need to successfully troubleshoot the problem.


Below is a checklist you should review during your inspection before determining that the turbocharger is the cause of the failure.

Check pipes
Check all the pipes on the lower right side of the N54 engine including intake, diverter valve, charge hose, intercooler and BOV.
If a serious leak is detected, this may be the cause of engine error code N54 30FF. Note that when checking, touch after the engine has cooled to avoid injury.

Consider vacuum lines

The amount of turbo boost depends on the exhaust port and the amount of incoming air. If there is an interruption in communication between the waste port and the vacuum line, error code N54 30FF may result.

Check vacuum lines or leaks to resolve the problem.

Replace Boost Solenoid

The turbocharger coil of N54 is used to control turbo pressure. If there is a problem, it can result in error code N54 30FF. At this point, you will notice difficulty starting the engine and hear noisy sounds from the tank and exhaust port. DISA valve, the log shows that the turbo has unmet boost, low PWN or low WGDC,… At this point you need to use a Pierburg Boost Solenoid Valve to replace and solve the problem.

Adjust the actuator: If the exhaust gate actuator has a problem, strange sounds appear in the actuator, most likely triggering error code N54 30FF.

Repair exhaust valve: Check the relief valve to determine if the N54 30FF is causing the problem. There are three repair methods: transmission adjustment, transmission replacement, or entire turbo assembly replacement.

How to fix BMW code 30FF?

Resolving error BMW 30FF Code requires a thorough inspection process, focusing on the turbocharger and DME system to determine the specific cause and perform the necessary repairs or replacements. This helps ensure that the engine operates in optimal conditions and that performance is maintained in balance.
If BMW 30FF Code persists after you have tried all the testing and repair methods outlined above. Maybe the problem is the turbo is having problems. Here are some options to solve this problem:

  • OEM Turbo Replacement: The simplest and cheapest option is to replace the turbo with a new OEM unit. This keeps your vehicle performing and performing the way the manufacturer specifies.
  • Twin Turbo Upgrade: An interesting option is to upgrade to a twin turbo. This can greatly enhance the engine’s power, providing a more powerful driving experience.
    Single Turbo Upgrade: If you don’t want to invest in a twin turbo, maybe consider upgrading to a more powerful single turbo to take advantage of the extra power.
  • Upgraded OEM Replacement Products: You may want to consider OEM replacement products that offer enhanced performance. This improves performance without having to move to twin turbo options or major upgrades.

Fixing the BMW 30FF Code error requires a highly skilled technician to check and fix it. Therefore, discuss with an auto expert to choose the right option for your needs and budget. If you are having difficulty finding someone who can advise you, please contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 to receive free advice from Eurocartool experts on many other vehicle errors.

In addition, if you specialize in repairing BMW vehicles, you can refer to the software and equipment specializing in diagnostics and programming at BMW tool on our website.