CarDAQ Plus 3 – J2534 Diagnostic and Programming device


CarDAQ Plus 3 is a car-computer interface that fully supports SAE J2534, CAN FD, 4-Channel CAN, API v05.00 and DoIP. CarDAQ Plus 3 is the next generation from Drew Technologies and brings the complete R2R J2534 solution to your vehicle. Learn more about the outstanding features of this device in the article below.

What is CarDAQ Plus 3?

CarDAQ Plus 3 is the latest product designed to meet all of today’s SAE H2534 standards. This device is recommended by international OEMs for use at dealer levels as well as for engineering use, software development and EOL testing. The CarDAQ Plus 3 instrument is compatible with protocols including J2534-1, J2534-2, CAN FD, 4-Channel CAN and DoiP.

The device allows the user to emulate any diagnostic device used at the dealer level that uses the above protocols to communicate with the adapter. By simply connecting the device to the car and to the computer, you can perform most of the features of the original dealer software, including master programming and reprogramming of the control units.Software compatible with device


Software compatible with device

CarDAQ Plus 3 supports vehicle models includingBMW, VW/AUDI, Volvo, Toyota, Opel, GM, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover,Mercedes Benz, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Hyundai and others.
Some specialized software that this device can work with are:

And there are many repair software for other car models

CarDAQ Plus 3 function

It can be said that CarDAQ Plus 3 is a J2534 device that can work with a lot of specialized software to replace with specialized equipment but still bring good results in the process of repairing your car.
Some of the salient features of the device include:

  • In-depth diagnosis of vehicle systems
  • Reprogramming SAE J2534 for many car manufacturers
  • Reprogram ALL OEM
  • OEM diagnostic J2534
  • Update module calibration related to emissions for most current car manufacturers
  • Updated vehicle body control module calibration


Outstanding features of CarDAQ Plus 3

CarDAQ Plus 3 (abbreviated as CDP3) is a powerful and intelligent vehicle diagnostic device, built by Drew Technologies. Highly regarded in the automotive industry, Cardaq Plus 3 offers a range of outstanding features and features that help automotive electronics professionals optimize car diagnostics and repair processes.

Protocol diversity
One of the strengths of Cardaq Plus 3 is its extensive compatibility with the most popular diagnostic protocols in the industry, including J2534, ISO 22900, and DoIP. This allows the device to connect and interact with most cars on the market today, including cars equipped with high technology and complex electronic modules.

Powerful diagnostic support
Cardaq Plus 3 provides powerful diagnostic capabilities, helping users to read and clear fault codes, check parameters, and view live data from the vehicle’s electronic modules. It also allows automotive electronics professionals to perform software updates and recover electronic modules, helping to optimize performance and correct software-related problems.

Compact design
Cardaq Plus 3 is designed with high mobility, easy to take anywhere. This device supports both wireless and cable connections, taking advantage of the Bluetooth feature and the USB port. This provides flexibility in diagnostic and repair tasks, allowing users to work in the car remotely or in confined spaces.


Many other extended functions
Another outstanding feature of Cardaq Plus 3 is its integration with popular diagnostic software such as Jaltest, Tech2Win, and Hino Diagnostics. This opens up thousands of additional diagnostic functions and capabilities, helping users expand their diagnostic coverage and improve work efficiency.

Note: We do not currently offer this device

Overall, Cardaq Plus 3 is a reliable and intelligent vehicle diagnostic device for the automotive industry. With broad compatibility, portability and extensive software integration, it helps optimize diagnostics and repair processes, boost performance and save time for automotive electronics professionals. Contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 for more advice and support on devices

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