What is Vediamo CBF files for Flashing coding?

Vediamo CBF files are important data to be able to communicate with vehicle control modules, which are connected by Vediamo software. After reading the data will make it easier for technicians to read and perform coding more easily.

What is Vediamo CBF files?

Vediamo CBF is a data file used to connect to the corresponding control box, helping to read the data of the control box. This file is connected by Vediamo software. It can be understood that the Vediamo CBF file is the data that Vediamo software uses to communicate with control modules of cars. From there translate the memory values ​​so that humans can read and use them.

When you install Xentry software, it will display 2 files, CBF and CFF. This data helps with coding and offline programming.
Unzip and use serialized 7zip to get a complete list of folders for each ECU with the latest CFF file for using Vediamo Mercedes.
However, with versions of Xentry from 2020 no longer a CFF file is included.


Vediamo coding

Coding Vediamo is  the process of using Vediamo software to diagnose, replace, and re-teach the functionality of a new unboxed spare part that does not have a program to support its use.

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When to use Vediamo CBF files?

Vediamo CBF files are used when you want to code and program an offline feature. You need to use a suitable CBF file to connect to that control box. For example, you are trying to flash a feature about a car’s cylinder engine. You need to select the file ME97.CBF to connect to the control box which is ME (Motor electronic).

If using the wrong CBF file, Vediamo software will not read the value of the control box, so it will not work. You can use the CBF file to connect to older versions of the software, but it cannot work with newer versions of the software.
Note: There are many cases where choosing the wrong CBF file leads to a dangerous condition for the vehicle.


The location of the CFF database’s files.

The location of the CBF file you will most often see is below:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\DAS\comdat\pkw\cbf
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry\MB_PKW\Caesar\cbf

Where can I get Vediamo CBF files?

If you want to use this file, you can install Xentry software. After installation, there will be a CBF file included to help you connect to the vehicle’s control boxes to flash offline. At Eurocartool will help you install the latest version of Xentry which is March 2023, helping you to diagnose car models up to 2021. In addition, Xentry Certificate is a certificate issued to Xentry to read and diagnose new car models after 2021. to 2023 such as W167, W206, W213, W223.

You can see more about Xentry software here: Xentry Openshell
Or contact us via Whatsapp +84 388951999 for the fastest advice and support. In addition, you will own this file at the most favorable price.

In addition, You can see more at the website that specializes in providing this document here: SD Flash file

What happens if you use an Vediamo cbf files database?

When you use an incompatible file, CBF MODULE will not be able to translate the settings and memory location as well as the interface. In addition to some of the navigation devices available for specific cars, these devices also have a software version on them.

You can try to use the CBF file description with an older version, on a device with more up-to-date software but it won’t work. The backward-compatible CBF file means it will have an interface with all previous versions of the software but will not be able to interface on the control module with newer software.

Above is the information about Vediamo CBF files, if you have any questions you can contact us directly via whatsapp or message directly on the website. Eurocartool is always ready to support you 24/7.

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