How to Active BMW Heated Steering Wheel?

The BMW Heated Steering Wheel is a new and increasingly common feature on luxury cars and as a technical support for low-spec cars. In this article, Eurocartool will introduce you to the models that support this feature and detailed instructions.

What is a BMW Heated Steering Wheel?

The BMW Heated Steering Wheel is a new feature that uses an electric heater inside the steering wheel. In cold weather, it will keep the rider’s hand warm and become more comfortable thanks to a comfortable temperature. Besides, the driver does not have to use gloves when driving, it will be easier to operate the steering wheel.

With each different car model will be available or not. For newer cars simply activate the steering wheel heating using the Control Display or configure BMW’s automatic climate control so it turns on automatically. As for the models that are not supported, you need to add it by asking professional technicians.


How does the BMW Heated Steering Wheel work?

The BMW Heated Steering Wheel is a function that warms the steering wheel of the vehicle to make it more comfortable to drive in cold weather.

The heating element is usually designed to be located below the surface of the steering wheel, it is supplied with electricity to operate. When this feature is activated, current will flow through the heating element.

After transmitting electricity to the heating element, it will transfer heat to the surface of the steering wheel to help warm the steering wheel.

Turn on/ active Heated Steering Wheel

We will guide you to turn on the steering wheel heating function on the BMW X3
To enable automatic steering wheel heating, leave the vehicle in accessory or ON mode.
Press a small steering wheel-shaped button located behind the left side of your steering wheel. This button has the function of activating the steering wheel heating mode.

  • To change the temperature, press the button “MENU” located on the climate control panel to display the menu “Air conditioning function” on the infotainment system screen.
  • On the Climate Functions display, select Seat heating / Steering wheel heating then Driver.
  • Then on the infotainment screen you choose “Seat heating/Steering wheel heating” , then select “Driver” . Next tick “Oh Heating steering wheel” and set the temperature by rotating the control.

After you set the desired temperature, whenever it reaches that temperature, the steering wheel heating will automatically activate.

Models with this function available

The hardware installed in the BMW determines the availability of the BMW Heated Steering Wheel feature. You can check if your vehicle has this feature enabled by using the information we provide below:

Models with available steering wheel heating function: X5M, X6M, X7 40i, X7 M60i, XB7, M5, 740i, 760i, i7, 840i, M850i, M8, Z4 M40i, iX M60, XM

Models that are not available but you can activate the steering wheel heating feature: X1 28i, X3 30i, X3 M40i, X3M, X4 30i, X4 M40i, X4M, X5 40i, X5 45e, X5 M50i, X6 40i, X6 M50i, 230i, M240i, 228i, M235i, M2, 330i, 330e, M340i, M3, 430i, M440i, M4, 530i, 540i, 530e, M550i, Z4 30i, iX 50, i4 e35, i4 e40, i4 M50

Some reasons why the BMW Heated Steering Wheel does not work

The BMW Heated Steering Wheel is loved by many people when the weather is cold, but there are a number of reasons why this feature does not work as follows:

  • The wire connecting the heating element to the electrical system is damaged or corroded: You need to check the connector or replace the new wire.


  • A damaged fuse will directly affect the power steering system: There are many fuses on the car, so you need to use ISTA D diagnostic software to read and determine which fuse is faulty, then proceed and replace.
  • Defective heating element: You need to replace a new one with the same size and capacity as the original. After the replacement you need to use coding and reprogramming software like ISTA P so that it can function as original.


The BMW Heated Steering Wheel feature is one of the new utilities equipped on high-end cars. If you do not belong to the vehicle models that have this utility available, please contact our technicians for detailed activation instructions. Contact via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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