How to get back VW radio codes?

Your Volkswagen car radio asks for a radio code and you don’t know how to find it and enter it. You have tried searching and downloading the VW radio codes pin finder software but they are not working as expected. Then come to Eurocartool’s Volkswagen car radio code supply service.

Eurocartool always ready to provide you with Volkswagen radio codes all days of the week with the most accurate and in fastest time (2 hours). Our solutions have been trusted and used by hundreds of drivers and technicians.

Why use VW radio codes?

All radio boxes on Volkswagen cars are equipped with an anti-theft feature. Every time the radio box is powered off, this feature is activated to protect the radio unit from being stolen. At this point, when you turn on the radio, you will see the words “safe code” displayed on the screen. If you do not enter the correct pin code, the radio will be disabled.

Users cannot tune in to radio stations, play CDs, connect MP3 players, or even turn up the volume.

This security feature will be enabled in some cases such as:

  • Radio was stolen
  • The car battery is dead and cannot power the radio
  • The radio box has been disconnected from the power supply for warranty purposes
  • Users who want to upgrade to a new radio box
  • Used car dealers replace new radio boxes before selling them

All of these cases will be activated by the car’s security system to protect the radio box. Because the radio has no way of knowing which situations you’re making repairs to and which box stole the radio. Therefore, the power supply is interrupted, and the security of the vehicle realizes that there is a possibility of theft


How to get VW radio codes?

There are several ways you can find and enter your Volkswagen car radio code, such as looking it up in your radio manual, in the documents that came with your car purchase, in the trunk, or asking at your dealer. However, this method can only be applied to vehicles that have been newly purchased or have never had a radio box replaced.

Because the code you find is not necessarily correct and matches the current radio box on Volkswagen cars.You can also make an appointment with your VW dealer, which will cost you a lot of time and money…

In addition to the above ways, you can use the service to get the VW radio codes back at a super reasonable and fast cost. With this service, we provide you with the correct solution to unlock your Volkswagen radio within 2 hours of your purchase and fill in the necessary information such as:

  • Radio serial number
  • Vehicle VIN
  • Radio box image (options)


After making a successful payment via Paypal, our technicians will receive the information and process it to resend the correct radio code to the email or Whatsapp you provided. After you have the code and successfully entered it, your radio will be unlocked and working properly.

Also you can use our radio codes VW retrieval service here: Volkswagen radio code
Our technician will resend the code to you quickly, in addition, Eurocartool also provides VW radio codes service remote technical support service to save you time and money.

If your Volkswagen radio is showing “safe code” and you do not know the code, use the Eurocartool radio code provider service. Our technicians are available to assist you 24/7, they can quickly check and send you the radio code in just 2 hours from the time you make the payment. Contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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