Should I do a Mercedes Benz windshield replacement?


Should a Mercedes Benz windshield replacement when it is cracked? This is a question of many car owners. Because just a small crack can replace an entire panel glasses large causes waste and costs a lot of money. Follow the sharing from our experts Eurocartool to make your own decision.

When do you need to repair your glasses and when do you need to replace them with new ones?

Car windshields are responsible for protecting, blocking the sun and wind, and ensuring good visibility for the driver. When the glass is cracked or cracked, it will directly affect the aesthetics of the vehicle and obstruct visibility for drivers, leading to lack of safety.


When there is a crack in the glass, you will have two solutions: weld the glass or replace a completely new glass panel. Depending on the following characteristics, you can choose 1 of the 2 above solutions.

Location and size

If the crack is less than 15cm in size, you should treat it by welding the glass. With larger cracks, the likelihood of successful treatment is quite low and very difficult to treat.

The closer the cracks are to the edge of the glass, the more dangerous they are. If the distance between the impact point and the edge of the glass is less than 4 cm, you should replace the glass.

If the crack is blocking the driver’s vision, you should also do mercedes benz windshield replacement because the glass weld can affect the driver’s visibility and increase the risk of an accident.

In addition, the longer the crack is left, the more difficult it is to fix because dust gets into the cracks in the windshield. Therefore, you should keep a roll of clear tape in your car to temporarily cover the crack as soon as it appears.

Classification of cracks


Cracks circled in green are the least dangerous types of cracks, and are also the easiest to treat. Professional glass welding workshops can fix these types of cracks in about 30 minutes. And you can still use the car normally within a few days or weeks.

Cracks circled in yellow are the type of cracks that need to be treated as soon as possible. These cracks show that the windshield has been damaged deeply, not just on the surface. If you don’t fix it soon, you will likely have to do mercedes benz windshield replacement the entire glass panel.

How much does it cost to replace glass?

The amount you need to pay for a new mercedes benz windshield replacement will be about $200-500.

Depending on the type of glass you want to replace, the size of the glass, the location you live in,… there will be different prices. Below are the estimated prices:


Mercedes Benz windshield replacement note

  • After cracks appear, the windshield needs to be cleaned and dried so that water does not accumulate. This method will help ensure the transparency of the crack after welding.
  • Avoid using your vehicle while there is a crack because it can cause the crack to spread wider. Needs to be handled quickly by taking it to a maintenance center for resolution.
  • Do not touch cracks during maintenance because it will reduce repair effectiveness. Sometimes it even makes the crack wider.
  • When you notice cracks or damage to your windshield, have your vehicle serviced as quickly as possible. Take care of your car before windshield cracks become more serious.
  • If the windshield cannot be repaired, you should replace it with a new one immediately. When replacing your windshield, you should pay attention to the quality of the new glass and make sure it is professionally installed.
  • The material of the glass glue is very important, so to maintain the stability of the vehicle structure and the safe operation of other equipment, high-quality glass glue must be used. See if the technician cleans the surface of the frame and windshield.

Mercedes Benz windshield replacement and repair as quickly as possible will help ensure maximum safety for the driver. Depending on the situation and size of the crack, you can choose to weld the glass or replace it if necessary. To ensure the best repair results, choose a reputable address closest to you, or you just need to contact to WhatsApp:+13155472355 for free classification selection consultation.