How to fix a clogged transmission filter


Clogged transmission filter will greatly affect other parts as well as the entire engine system on the vehicle. So what is the cause of this error and how to fix it? Experts from Eurocartool will provide it for you these detailed information details in the article below.

What is the cause of clogged transmission filter?

The transmission filter is a part responsible for filtering fuel before sending it into the combustion chamber. Residues and impurities that accumulate in the fuel tank will be blocked so the engine operates better.clogged-transmission-filter-1

During use, the filter will become dirty and accumulate many impurities, causing it to become clogged, affecting the fuel supply process for the car engine and the vehicle’s operation.

Clogged transmission filter sign

Below is a summary of some common signs of a clogged filter:

The car consumes more fuel

If the filter is clogged, the amount of fuel will not get to where it needs to go or not enough will be provided for combustion. This leads to the car consuming more fuel than usual.

When you see this sign, you need Check the filter as soon as possible. If the filter is dirty, clean it immediately or replace it if it has expired.

The engine makes a strange noise

The filter is clogged, causing insufficient fuel injection into the combustion chamber. This reduces the pressure in the combustion chamber. In this case, the engine often makes strange knocking or noises.

The vibrator is weak, difficult to explode, does not explode

One of the common signs of a clogged car filter is the feeling that the engine is operating weaker than normal, vibrates, and has signs of a sluggish engine noise when the car begins to stall. More seriously, the car may have serious problems of exploding/not exploding, the car jerks violently when stepping on the accelerator, the car crashes in the middle of the road, etc.


A damaged fuel filter makes it difficult for gasoline to be injected into the engine cylinder’s combustion chamber at the correct flow and timing. Easily causes the gasoline mixture to burn early, burn late, burn incompletely, stall the engine… greatly affecting engine capacity.

Delay reversal

When you want to reverse the car, the action is delayed more than usual, which is another warning sign that the filter is clogged. Because it cannot provide enough fuel for the pistons to operate, your car will hesitate for a few moments second before moving backward.

The warning light illuminates

Most modern vehicles are equipped with a TCM (transmission control module) to help monitor transmission operations effectively. If this module detects any problems with your transmission due to low fluid pressure or a clogged filter, the device will immediately transmit the information and cause the check engine light on the dashboard to illuminate.

When using Xentry software or an OBD2 device to diagnose the entire vehicle, you may see many engine-related error codes such as P0700. Refer to How To Fix P0700 Code Transmission Control System?

How to Unclog a Transmission Filter

In the case of a clogged transmission filter, you should clean or replace it as soon as possible. The replacement steps are as follows:

Step 1: Park the car in a dry place and drain all the old oil from the transmission

Step 2: Remove the filter mounting screw and disassemble the filter from the actuator.

Step 3: Replace with new filter

Step 4: Reinstall the screws and secure the new filter


How to limit clogged transmission filter

To limit the occurrence of filter failure, regular maintenance should be performed approximately every 30,000 miles or every two years, depending on how often the vehicle is used.

Although the filter in the transmission is a small part, it has a big impact on the operation of the entire vehicle. If you want your car to operate normally, have a good maintenance plan and perform correct replacement techniques. 

The effects of Clogged transmission filter are very dangerous if the repairman does not carefully check and replace according to the correct technique. If this phenomenon lasts for a long time, it will affect other parts. One of the most common error codes when using professional diagnostic software to check is P088B Transmission Fluid Filter Very Deteriorated.

With such special errors, it is necessary to be equipped with appropriate software and equipment to look up and fix errors. Contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 to get free advice from Eurocartool experts on suitable products.