Notes when using Mercedes Benz cruise control


Mercedes Benz cruise control function has become standard equipment on many different Mercedes vehicles. However, many car owners still do not know how to use this feature safely and most effectively. Experts from Eurocartool will provide detailed information and notes when using Mercedes Benz cruise control in the article below.

What is Mercedes Benz cruise control?

Cruise Control system is a cruise control system. This system assists the driver, through automatic throttle control on the road, maintaining a certain speed without the driver having to step on the accelerator.


When traveling on highways or throughout a long journey, the driver will feel tired because their legs are always working, to avoid exceeding the maximum allowed speed limit. Therefore, many car companies are now equipped with Cruise Control functions to help the driver maintain the desired speed without having to regularly apply force to the accelerator pedal.

Operating principle of Mercedes Benz cruise control

The operating principle of the Cruise Control cruise control system is very simple. The driver just needs to press the button to activate the system equipped on the steering wheel. At this time, the ECU receives the signal sent from the speed sensor and then performs calculations to adjust the throttle opening angle.


The driver can look at the Mercedes Benz Cruise Control indicator light displayed on the dashboard to know if it is working or not. Once the Cruise Control system is active, you can let go of the accelerator and control the speed with the increase or decrease button equipped on the steering wheel.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

This system is commonly used because of the following advantages:

  • Good fuel economy: Cruise control keeps the accelerator in one position so you don’t accidentally consume more fuel than necessary.
  • More comfortable driving: If driving long distances, the driver will feel tired when having to keep his foot on the accelerator pedal for several hours continuously. With the ability to maintain a steady speed without having to put your foot on the pedal, the Cruise Control system will help make long-distance trips more comfortable.
  • Avoid speeding: Drivers may be going faster than the speed limit because they are pressing hard on the gas pedal without realizing it. Setting the cruise control system to the posted speed limit helps you not have to worry about breaking speeding laws.


But besides that, Mercedes Benz cruise control also causes many troubles for the driver such as:

  • Difficulty slowing down immediately: If you have cruise control installed and find that you need to turn within a few seconds, you won’t be able to slow down the vehicle quickly enough to make the turn. It is also more difficult to avoid collisions with other vehicles on nearby roads.
  • Difficulty driving in bad weather: Cruise control can cause tires to lose traction on the road. Therefore, if the weather is wet or icy, it will be difficult for the driver to slow down to avoid obstacles ahead.
  • Easily distracted: Drivers using cruise control are more likely to look at their smartphones or other electronic devices, because they don’t have to devote as much attention to controlling their speed. degree.


Instructions for using Mercedes Benz cruise control properly

To be able to use the Cruise Control cruise control system effectively, the driver needs to understand the symbols on the system and comply with safety rules.

Correctly understand the symbols on the system

There are 4 main control button clusters that you will encounter on the Cruise Control system. Remember these controls to drive safely.


  • Activation: The cruise control activation button is usually labeled ‘CRUISE’ or has a small icon depicting an odometer with an arrow pointing to it. This is the button to turn on/off the cruise control function.
  • SET +/- : We have two buttons that serve dual purposes, SET + and SET- stacked on top of each other. They are used to increase or decrease speed.
  • Cancel: This is the cancel button, which effectively turns off the cruise control feature.
  • Resume: Resume button is used to resume cruise control.

Note how to use Cruise Control safely

  • Assess driving conditions on the road: Mercedes Benz Cruise control is not designed for use in hazardous weather conditions. Please make your decision accordingly, especially if this is your first time using this system.
  • Choose a reasonable speed: Complying with the prescribed speed on different roads helps the driver not exceed the speed limit, causing traffic violations and loss of safety.


  • Turn on the cruise control system: After maintaining the desired speed level, activate the Cruise Control system, you can take your foot off the accelerator, the car will maintain the desired speed.
  • Changing speed: When driving an accelerating vehicle with cruise control, it is important to watch the road carefully. As a safety precaution, most car models will turn off cruise control immediately after braking.

Mercedes Benz Cruise Control helps adjust the steering angle and speed automatically for you. But this feature does not work well in all weather conditions. Through sharing our usage notes, we hope you will have an appropriate way to use it. If your Cruise Control is having problems that need to be reset, You can use Mercedes diagnostic software to quickly diagnose errors, or contact Eurocartool experts via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for free advice.