How to activate vehicle remote control Mercedes with the Mercedes Me App


How to activate vehicle remote control Mercedes through Me App provides more convenient remote control capabilities. Through this online platform, car owners will have better control over their vehicle. Let’s learn how to remotely control through this application from the sharing from Eurocartool experts in the article below.

What is vehicle remote control Mercedes?

Vehicle remote control Mercedes is a remote control system integrated into vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Typically, it includes a remote or “smart key” that is capable of sending wireless signals to perform functions such as opening the car’s doors, locking the doors, turning the lights on and off, and even starting the engine. remote engine.

This remote control system is often combined with convenient features such as adjusting interior temperature, starting before driving, and other functions to improve the user experience and driving comfort.

Mercedes Me Connect App Information

Mercedes Me Connect is a mobile application developed by Mercedes-Benz that allows users to access a range of features and services for their Mercedes-Benz vehicle. This app provides a convenient way for Mercedes-Benz owners to stay connected to their vehicle and access various functions remotely.  how-to-activate-vehicle-remote-control-mercedes-3

Some key features of the Mercedes Me Connect app include:

  • Remote vehicle control: Users can remotely lock/unlock the vehicle, start the engine, and control features such as the climate control system.
  • Vehicle health: The app provides real-time information about the vehicle’s condition, including fuel level, mileage, and maintenance notifications.
  • Navigation: Users can send destinations from their phone to the vehicle’s navigation system, saving time and ensuring a seamless navigation experience.
  • Vehicle Tracking: The app allows users to track their vehicle’s location in real-time, providing peace of mind and increased security.
  • Vehicle Health: The app provides access to vehicle diagnostics and alerts, allowing users to monitor their vehicle’s health and receive maintenance reminders.
  • Mercedes Me Store: Users can discover and purchase additional services and features for their vehicles, such as remote parking and in-car entertainment options.
  • Mercedes Me Support: The app provides access to 24/7 roadside assistance and support from Mercedes-Benz customer service.


To use the Mercedes Me Connect app, users need a compatible Mercedes-Benz vehicle equipped with the necessary connectivity features. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

How to activate vehicle remote control Mercedes

Below are the steps how to activate vehicle remote control mercedes using the Mercedes me applica

  • Launch the Mercedes me app.
  • Choose the “Vehicle status” tile from the vehicle homepage.
  • “Lock status” should be selected. To determine if your automobile doors are locked or unlocked, look at the lock status at the top of the screen.
  • To lock or unlock your doors, slide the toggle switch.
  • To validate the activity, enter your 4-digit PIN or use Face ID.

Note when using Mercedes remote control

When using the remote control function of Mercedes Me Connect, please note the following:

  • Make sure you have activated and logged in to your Mercedes Me Connect account on your mobile app and have connected your device to your vehicle.
  • Make sure your car has a stable internet connection so data can be transferred between the app and the car.
  • When using the remote door lock/unlock function, make sure you are within the vehicle’s signal range. Maximum distance may vary depending on the surrounding environment.


  • When using the remote start function, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe location and that there are no people or obstacles around.
  • When using the remote control function of the air conditioning system, make sure that the air conditioning system has been previously turned on and that the vehicle is in a safe location.
  • Note that some functions may not be available on some car models or in some countries. Check your owner’s manual or contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for more information.
  • Please use the Mercedes Me Connect remote control function carefully and responsibly. Make sure you do not abuse this function and comply with local traffic regulations.

How to activate vehicle remote control Mercedes and usage notes have been shared in detail in the above article. For each different car model, there will be different ways to connect the control. If you have problems connecting, Eurocartool experts are always ready to support you via WhatsApp: +13155472355