Top 5 Best Audi OBD Scanner 2023


The best Audi OBD Scanner you are looking for will require exceptional features and efficient performance that will allow you to know the details of your vehicle’s fault. Finding the right Audi OBD Scanner for your vehicle can be difficult in the market with thousands of scanners. Therefore, Eurocartool will suggest to you some of the best user-reviewed devices today, including: Autel MaxiCOM, Launch Creader VII+, Autophix 7610, Foxwell NT510 and ANCEL VD500.

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite – Audi OBD Scanner

The Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite is one of the best Audi OBD Scanner, which is top rated devices for Audi car line based on price as well as features it possesses. Up to 80% of car repair garages own this device and use it as the main diagnostic tool. Autel MaxiCOM is not only capable of reading ABS codes, airbags and engine controls, but also supports dealer-level diagnostics and troubleshooting.

This tool supports up to 4 different methods for Vehicle Recognition, including CAN, SRS, ECM and PWM. It also includes a TF card for data backup and software upgrades. Furthermore, the scanner is capable of disabling and programming the electronic key instead.

Autel MaxiCOM ULTRA LITE is compatible with all Audi models manufactured after 1996. And can perform many advanced functions such as oil reset, TPMS reset, battery voltage test, steering angle correction tool. , etc. In addition, this device can also work with VAG specialized software including Odis Engineer and Odis Service.


Launch Creader VII+

If you are in need of a professional OBD scanner designed specifically for Audi cars, the Launch Creader VII+ is well worth considering. This scanner provides comprehensive diagnostic support for all four automotive systems, including EOBD and OBDII. It also supports four languages ​​and features dynamic data stream storage and graphical display, allowing you to make quick repair or upgrade decisions.

Launch Creder VII+ is designed with a large screen and powerful processor, which shortens reading time and makes it more accurate, making it a great choice for those looking for a professional OBD scanner for car.

With extensive compatibility and ownership for various OBD2 functions, including ABS and DTC, Launch Creader VII+ is capable of reading real-time data streams, turning off warning lights and performing gas tests. waste. However, the size of the screen can be a drawback for some users. Therefore, if you are specifically looking for anAudi OBD Scanner for your Audi cars, then Launch Creader VII+ could be the best choice for you.


Autophix 7610

The Autophix 7610 is a perfect device for those who need to perform additional maintenance features such as battery registration or DPF regen. In addition to basic code read and erase functions, users can use live data to reveal hidden sources of trouble codes, prepare for smoke testing with I/M readiness, and even check your car battery condition with a battery tester tool.

Furthermore, with the Autophix 7610, technicians can perform up to 10 functions, including: Reset the oil indicator light after an oil change, perform rear brake maintenance, register a new battery, and other actions. other services. It may take longer to scan the error code. All 14 systems are scanned in 20 seconds.


Foxwell NT510

Foxwell NT510 is a great tool that helps you to comprehensively diagnose on VAG, perform reading and clearing fault codes from the entire system such as engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, etc. Thus, you can read detailed information about fault codes on your vehicle without going to a repair shop.

A special feature of the Foxwell NT510 is that it can display live data in two distinct ways: numerically or graphically. You can view an odd chart or both charts at the same time as you like. Furthermore, data can be saved and printed for later use.

The most interesting feature of Foxwell NT510 is two-way control and many service features. It is simple to temporarily activate or operate a vehicle system or part using active testing. Or view your vehicle’s performance with real-time viewing of data, recalibrating, tuning or configuring specific components for the wide range of service operations it provides.



The ANCEL VD500 Audi OBD scan tool is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to use with a simple menu system. This tool is programmed to provide the most professional and user-friendly OBD2 scanning experience.

This device is compatible with all OBDII compliant Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda models worldwide. It supports various OBD2 protocols, including KWP2000, and offers useful features for do-it-yourselfers such as reading vehicle information and clearing emissions-related codes. Furthermore, it works with the latest versions of many cars and supports oil service reset, throttle position adapters and SRS functionality. Its compact design combined with powerful diagnostic capabilities make it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts.

One notable advantage of the ANCEL VD500 Audi OBD scanner is its affordable price. Priced at just $140, it offers excellent value without compromising on its diagnostic capabilities. It is compatible with a wide range of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and VAG vehicles, providing accurate and easy diagnostics, even though it does not read transmission codes.


Above are the Top 5 best Audi OBD scanners compiled from reviews of customers who have used them. Hope you will find a suitable scanner. In addition, Eurocartool also provides Audi login online , specialized software and equipment for Audi cars. If interested, you can see more on the website or contact via WhatsApp +1-848-294-6626 for the most detailed advice.

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