Top 5 Best Land Rover Scan Tool


The best Land Rover Scan Tool on the market are those that deliver the most accurate diagnostics, the best performance, and are trusted by many users. If you are confused about choosing a device for yourself, experts from Eurocartool will suggest 5 best scanning tools. These include:ND602 OBD/EOBD, FOXWELL NT510 Elite, iCarsoft LR V3.0, ANCEL LD700, iCarsoft v2.0.


Nexas ND602 is a professional and powerful vehicle diagnostic tool designed for LAND ROVER enthusiasts, repair shops and mechanics. It provides OE level diagnostics for all LAND ROVER vehicle electronic systems. ND602 supports most RANGE ROVER vehicles from 1999 to 2016, LAND ROVER vehicles from 1999 to 2018 and vehicles from 1994 to 2018 with a standard 16 PIN OBD DLC for Diesel, Gasoline, Airbag, ABS, Box number and other ECUs.

In addition to diagnostic capabilities, the Land Rover Scan Tool ND602 also provides special functions such as Oil Lamp Service Reset, DPF Regeneration, Battery Management Service Reset, EPB Electronic Parking Brake Reset, Steering Angle Sensor Reset, etc It is also compatible with OBD/EOBD diagnostics for the engines of all cars, SUVs, minivans and light vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Outstanding features of the device:

  • BMS Reset
  • SAS Reset
  • Engine Check Function
  • 6 levels of warning tips



The NT510 Elite Multi-System Scanner is a versatile device that provides advanced diagnostics for various vehicle models, including Land Rover vehicles manufactured from 1999 onwards. In addition to performing OE-level diagnostics, it also provides general coding and service functions. With the NT510, users can retrieve fault codes, view freeze frame data, and monitor sensor data directly from the engine, chassis, and body systems such as ABS, airbags and instrument cluster.


Furthermore, this scanner allows the user to temporarily activate or control the vehicle system with the scanning tool. It also supports online upgrades, allowing users to fix any bugs and access new features if they have an internet connection.

Special features of the device:

  • Diagnostic problem codes are read and cleared.
  • All systems’ MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is reset.
  • Displays absolute sensor data and graphs data
  • Easily expandable to accommodate different vehicle manufacturers through USB wire
  • PID (Parameter IDs) graphs are combined for quick and understandable diagnosis.
  • Component, active, and bi-directional system testing are performed.

iCarsoft LR V3.0

iCarsoft LR V3.0 is a new generation professional vehicle diagnostic tool. It is designed with powerful performance specifically for Land Rover vehicles and the CANBUS, ISO9141, KWP2000 and J1850 connectivity standards and more allow technicians to accurately diagnose complex problems.

Key features of iCarsoft LR v3.0 include scanning and clearing trouble codes for the entire engine system, powertrain, ABS, airbags, and more. by Land Rover. It provides data and pinpoints where the problem lies most precisely thanks to a high-speed upgrade via PC. Therefore, the device above supports technicians very well in diagnosing complex problems.


The Land Rover Scan Tool offers key features including:

  • Diagnose most models with a single brand (OBDII-16DLC).
  • Diagnosis of the Entire System
  • Auto-identification technology
  • Read and Clear DTC
  • Read Live Data Helps Print Actuation and Data Review Bi-directory / Test Test Support Frozen Faulty Frame Functions of code
  • Supports Support for Oil Service Reset Battery Examination
  • Maintenance of the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system
  • BMS (Battery Management System)(Some automobiles do not have this feature.)
  • Regeneration Control System for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) (Some cars do not have this feature)
  • ETC stands for Electronic Throttle Control System.
  • Sensor for Steering Angle (SAS) ABS Bleeding (BLD) Calibration (Some cars do not have this feature)
  • Injector Coding (INJ) (Not all cars have this feature)
  • Upgrade to Full Speed Using Computer Supports Multi-Language

ANCEL LD700 – Land Rover Scan Tool

ANCEL LD700 is a professional diagnostic tool for Land Rover and Jaguar cars. In fact, it fits all OBD II standard protocol-compliant JLR cars manufactured after 1995 and offers all current features at a moderate cost. It can also assist you in clearing any error codes. You can immediately see what this OBD2 scanner can do for you.

Furthermore, you can always check the performance of the smart scanner and get all the answers from a trained technician. It also allows the engine to be tested against any OBD II standard protocol suitable for US, European and Asian cars manufactured after 1996. This is certainly an automotive diagnostic device. The most essential and cost-effective you are looking for!


Special product features include:

  • All System Diagnose for JLR: Comprehensive analysis of all accessible systems and modules to swiftly identify and repair issues.
  • 14+ Most Popular JLR Reset Functions: While troubleshooting, maximize the potential of your Land Rover vehicle. Everything is in your hands, and those functions are on your side.
  • OE-level OBDII Test Modes: These include accessing ECU information, reading codes, clearing codes, displaying data streams, looking up DTCs, and so on.
  • Free updates for life, no additional software or subscription fees!
  • Remove Language Barriers: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian are among the 12 languages supported.
  • Online Feedback: If you experience any difficulties that cannot be handled during the diagnostic procedure, please use the feedback function to submit them to us. You won’t have to worry since our technical staff will assist you properly.
  • Friendly to the user: Legible and receptive The 2.8” full-color screen, adjustable keypads, and easy and quick operation assist newcomers in getting started.

iCarsoft v2.0

This scanner was created specifically for Land Rover and is compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 1996. Designed like other iCarsoft products, it is very easy to use, especially for people. beginner use. There are multiple languages ​​to choose from, and the touchscreen makes it simple to explore menus and get the information you want. Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to wirelessly diagnose your car by connecting the Data Link Connector to your phone.

iCarsoft v2.0 Land Rover Scan Tool features include:

  • Read and reset codes
  • Advanced troubleshooting to identify all issues
  • Displays sensor data and transmits live data.


In addition to the general-purpose scanners currently on the market, you can also use specialist JLR diagnostic machines such as the JLR DOIP VCI, which can work with all JLR diagnostic software such as Pathfinder, SDD, Seed key, CFFTOOL


The 5 Land Rover Scan Tool devices suggested by Eurocartool experts above will help you shorten your time searching for the necessary tools. In addition, if you are having problems with your Land Rover and have not been able to find a solution, please contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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