What is Land Rover P1590 Fault code? Cause, How to fix

Land Rover code P1590 is an error from the ABS anti-lock braking system. Up to 90% of users do not know how to recognize and repair in time, creating a great danger when participating in traffic. Find out the cause and learn how to fix this error code from Eurocartool technical experts. You will save a lot of time and money after reading this article.

What is the Land Rover P1590 error?

Error P1590 on Land Rover vehicles is an error in the ABS system, this error needs to be cleared before you replace any part on this system

  • Description of technical fault information P1590: Anti Lock brake system (ABS) rough road signal – error message from ABS control unit
  • Severity: The problem of the Anti-Lock Brakes system is considered by experts to be very serious, directly affecting safety during driving.
  • Request repair: You need to quickly repair when this error is detected, to avoid the situation when the vehicle changes speed suddenly, it will cause the driver to lose control, easily slip, lose control of the steering direction.
  • Diagnosis: The main reason is that the sensor on the wheel gives the wrong warning when traveling on rough roads or rough terrain, causing the ABS anti-lock brake controller to not work properly. You need to use a specialized fault code scanner to diagnose and clear problems with the ABS brake system.


P1590 Land Rover Cause

ECM-Engine Control Module is a module that receives data information of sensors in the car. When the vehicle is moving on rough terrain or rough roads, the PWM sensor on the vehicle will determine if the vehicle’s vibration frequency is between 2.10-2.56 Hz to detect if the vehicle has a problem. are walking on rough roads no.

Based on this signal, the ECM will temporarily control each ignition while the vehicle is traveling on rough roads. If there is a PWM signal error on rough roads, the Hill Descent Control/Anti-lock Braking System (HDC/ABS) warning light may illuminate.

There are also other reasons such as:

  • Faulty Anti-lock Control Unit for the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Anti-lock The harness for the brake system control unit is exposed or shorted.
  • Anti-lock Poor electrical connection in the brake system control unit circuit
  • ECM or TCM is faulty
  • Wire problems such as broken
  • Software Issues in ECM or TCM
  • Faulty sensor

Symptom of Land Rover P1590 fault code

When the ABS brake system cannot function properly, your vehicle will have some of the following symptoms:

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
  • One or more additional UXXXX (Communication) codes may appear with P1590 Land Rover.
  • The car will almost certainly be locked into limp mode and will last until the fault is found and corrected.
  • Poor acceleration or overall performance
  • Slipping gears


How to fix P1590 fault code?

Depending on the causes above you perform different remedies.
If the power cord is broken, you need to reconnect or replace it. However, if you find a software error in ECM or TCM, you need to perform diagnostics and reprogramming using specialized software and equipment for JLR such as Pathfinder, SDD, JLR DOIP VCI.

Here are some common methods you can take:

  • Replace faulty ECM or TCM and clear fault code P1590 Land Rover
  • Repair and replace electrical wires
  • Replace faulty sensor: After replacing you need to reprogram for the sensor to work properly
  • Update or reprogram faulty software

Above is information about the causes and fixes for Land Rover P1509 error code. If you do not have specialized software and equipment to diagnose and program your vehicle, you can refer directly to our website at JLR Tool.
Any questions please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest advice and support.

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