Xentry Diagnostic Software Download FREE 2024

Xentry diagnostic software download free with 10 easy steps. Xentry 9/2023 helps you diagnose vehicle systems in-depth and quickly. Support for car models until the end of 2023. Only car models from 2021 (and some 2020 models) require a  Certificate. You can download this software for FREE in this article.

How to download Xentry software free?

Xentry is professional diagnostic software for Mercedes vehicles that any technician must use. It can diagnose all vehicle systems in-depth and quickly.
You can download this software with version 9/2023 by clicking on the Xentry download link below:


Before Mercedes star diagnostic software download and install the software, you need to check the free space and configuration of your computer to avoid not having enough download space to install the software. Below are some computer specification requirements to install this software:

  • Operating System: Window 10 64 bit
  • 23GB for file and 110 GB for installion
  •  Computer configuration: Processor: i5 3rd with Frequency about 2.3 GHz or more; Ram: 8GB or more; Require Net Framework 4.8 feature.

Below are the Xentry diagnostic software download steps performed by Eurocartool technicians.

Xentry diagnostic software download free with 10 steps

To avoid errors during the installation of this software, please follow the Xentry software free download instructions below:

Step 1: You need to turn off your antivirus and firewall.

Click Type here to search, search for windows Security, select Virus & threat protection, and click turn off all anti-virus.

Step 2: Go to the folder and run Start this software

  • Enable VCRedist x86 x64 before installing Xentry OpenShell software
  • Click on XDOS and click on Mount to run Start installation
  • The installation can take many hours so let it run the data by itself.


  • All applications Run as administrator, then select language
  • Make sure space is free when starting the installation
  • Feature Net Framework 4.8 is installed and your windows may need the Microsoft Message Queuing Server (MSMQ) feature.
  • You should pay attention to the installation process until it is completed.

Step 3: After running the XENTRY Star data, your computer will show a reboot confirmation.


Step 4: After rebooting, you must check if the anti-virus is re-enabled to turn it off.


Step 5: Disable Xentry’s PDFs running in the background. Right-click on the windows toolbar and select Task Manager

Step 6: Crack the  Openshell software and insert the missing file into the CLO drive

Installing Xentry Next to start installing Xentry Installion xentry completed

Step 7: Activate this software use the ID to get Activation Key


To get the activation key, please contact us via Whatsapp:  +13155472355 or via the website

Step 8: Store the Activation Key

Step 9: Change LAN ID

Step 10: Check and use software


Note when Xentry diagnostic software download:

  • File downloads on Mega so you need to pay to download large files and the download time depends on the file size. Please wait until the file is completely downloaded
  • If the status you entered the active key is wrong, turn OFF FIREWALL and WINDOW SECURITY. Then CHECK the FILE again and re-enter the active key.
  • If you encounter the error “ERROR INSTALL STARKEY” you need to update window and turn off Secure Boot then active
  • You need to follow the correct installation steps to be able to download the software successfully.

To avoid the cost and time of downloading files on Mega, our technicians can help you install remotely quickly with the most favorable cost. Contact us for fastest installation support.

After completing all 10 steps Xentry diagnosis download, It is ready to connect to support your work. With this new update, the vehicle models have been updated data, corrected data errors, corrected errors on reading errors… This is the best version of the Mercedes-Benz diagnostic software right now

Reason for Xentry download failed installation

If you still cannot install the software after following the steps in the instructions, it could be due to some reasons as follows:

  • The activation key is not correct
  • Haven’t turned off firewall and anti-virus mode
  • The computer does not have enough space
  • You failed to install a version Xentry or remove an old version Xentry before.

You can contact our technicians to help you install quickly, saving time and costs. In addition, we will also assist in consulting about the car problem you are having to come up with an easy way to fix it.

If you are having difficulty in the process of installing the video Tutorial below or contact us via whatsApp +13155472355

Mercedes Xentry 3/2024 latest version download

Xentry supports diagnostics for Mercedes up to 2023. It can help you read/remove errors, change actuators, diagnose all vehicle systems, repair plans,… 


If you want to diagnose the latest Mercedes models from 2021 up to now, you need an Xentry certificate. Contact us via +13155472355 if you are interested in Xentry certificate. With the certificate, you can in-depth diagnose systems for vehicle models up to 2023.


To download the latest version of Xentry software, please message via website or WhatsApp for support.

To update information, articles, gifts, and car repair support, please subscribe to Eurocartool’s Youtube channel and say hello to the technicians on Whatsapp to receive the best support.

The Xentry diagnostic software download manual HERE:

If there is any problem with the Mercedes xentry download process, please contact our technicians via website or WhatsApp +13155472355 for the fastest support.


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