5 Best Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool in 2024


The 5 Mercedes Star diagnostic tools most chosen by technicians in 2024 are: MB Star C3, MB Star C4, MB Star C4 DOIP, MB Star C5, and MB Star C6 VCI. These tools are highly rated for their high performance, accurate diagnostics, and compatibility with specialized software. In the next section, Eurocartool will analyze the differences between each device to help you find the right product for your work.

What is the Mercedes Star diagnostic tool?

Mercedes Star diagnostic tools are devices that support diagnosis, programming, reading errors, and deleting errors, .. for BMW models. It is directly connected to the vehicle, to work with the software that can repair the car quickly and easily.

Below are the features of each diagnostic device as well as some reviews from customers who have used Eurocartool products and also the experiences that our technical team previously repaired the vehicle.

General functions of the Mercedes diagnostic tool

  • Read error
  • Delete error
  • Diagnosing vehicle systems
  • Programming, coding
  • Activate actuators…

These devices can all work with Mercedes diagnostic, lookup, coding and programming software such as Xentry diagnostic software, EPC software, WIS/ARSA, Starfinder, DTS Monaco, Vediamo, HHTWIN,…

Top 5 best Mercedes Benz scanner diagnostic tool

MB Star C3

C3 is a star diagnostic tool Mercedes that supports old cars from 1989 to 2015 with functions such as:

  • Read and clear errors
  • Read data from sensors
  • Activate actuators
  • Programming and coding ECU boxes on the car

If you regularly repair old Mercedes lines or trucks, MB Star C3 is a very good choice.


Mercedes MB STAR C4 ( DOIP ) is an upgraded device from the Mercedes diagnostic equipment Star C4  version. It is a diagnostic and programming device for Mercedes-Benz cars, working with DOIP protocol supporting DVD screen programming.
It has outstanding features over the Star C3 device with the ability to work faster, the response speed is increased by 20-30%.

In addition, the basic functions of a specialized diagnostic device. It can also
diagnoses 24V vehicles and is compatible with all Mercedes software.

If you need a Mercedes star diagnostic tool for both old and new models (1989-2022), you can choose MB Star C4, C4 Doip, or MB Star C5.

However, for new models from 2016 that need a standard Doip connection, MB SD CONNECT C4 DOIP is the best choice to use.

MB Star C4 DOIP Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool 2024

Mercedes Star C5

Following the Star C3 and C4 versions, the Mercedes star C5 device is an upgraded version from the previous 2 versions. It still has the same basic functions as other devices.
The highlight of Mercedes benz diagnostic tool

  • Support wireless diagnosis
  • Support UDS diagnostic protocol
  • Support Mercedes Benz cars after 2000
  • Support offline and online programming.

Mercedes star diagnostic tool MB Star C6

Xentry Diagnosis VCI Mercedes Benz C6 is the latest and most advanced specialized diagnostic equipment for Mercedes models. MB Star C6 is an upgraded version of the previously released MB Star C4 and C5. This is a perfect diagnostic version and the optimal solution for garages, and service shops specializing in repairing Mercedes Benz models on the market.

MB Star C6 Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool 2024

MB Star Diagnosis Mercedes Benz C6 supports standard DoIP connection, which includes more functions in SCN Encryption than MB SD C4 and C5. Functions include diagnostics, programming, simulation research, repair information, auto maintenance, technical service bulletins, etc. However, the disadvantage of the C6 is that it is quite expensive compared to other devices.


SUPER MB PRO M6 is a Mercedes benz star diagnostic tool, but its price is quite high compared to other devices.
This is a device that can support offline encryption, USB and WiFi wireless connection, Easy firmware update without battery (simply plug into OBDII port for power), can use Dual radiation (fan & heatsink).

SUPER MB PRO M6 Mercedes Star diagnostic tool

Which is best Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool?

Name device MBMB Star C3MB Star C4MB Star C4 DOIPMB Star C5MB Star C6 VCI
Software CompatibilityFactory HDD/SDD onlyFactory HDD/SDD,

Original software factory

Factory HDD/SDD,

Original software factory

Factory HDD/SDD,

Original software factory factory

Factory HDD/SDD only update by update by
DTS MonacoYesYesYesYesYes
Star FinderNoYesYesYesYes
New MercedesNoYesYesYesYes
Old MercedesYesYesYesYesNo

Recently all the features and compatibility of each Mercedes star diagnostic tool that we have listed. In short, depending on the demand each of you will have a separate option, but MB SD Connect C4 DOIP is assessed by Eurocartool as the most comprehensive diagnostic device to date compared to the price of the product being offered for sale.
Are you still wondering and can’t choose your device? Eurocartool is always ready to support and advise you 24/7 on all devices as well as software!!! Contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 or the website

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