ISTA D vs ISTA P – Best software for BMW technician


ISTA D vs ISTA P are two diagnostic and programming software that are preferred by technicians when repairing BMW vehicles. However, if you are a new technician, and don’t know which software to use? When to use that software? In this article, Eurocartool will bring the most detailed content to help you easily choose and use it. Let’s find out!

ISTA D vs ISTA P introduction

ISTA D vs ISTA P are two software with different features, one is specialized in diagnostics and research (with programming support), The remaining software specializes in coding and programming. See details in the section below:
BMW ISTA + / D: Diagnostic software, research software
Ista P software: programming, installation.

Software interface ISTA P
ISTA Software BMW

Detailed description of the ISTA D vs ISTA P

To find out the difference between these two, you can refer to the section below:

ContentsBMW ISTA + / DISTA P
Software typeDiagnostic software, researchProgramming software, settings
Main function– Read and clear fault memory, repair manual, technical documentation, activation, live data, Reset SMG/SSG functions…

– Support look up circuit location diagram

– Program and encode, update vehicle software,…

– Replace, install pin code when replacing (Change battery type)

– Customize vehicle on and off system options, install other vehicle accessories “Vehicle retrofit”

Connector– ICOM-NEXT
– D-can series
– ENET cable
– Icom A1, A2, A3
– Icom A Next (recommend)
– K-Dcan cable
VersionVersion: 4.36Version: 3.39
Supported– BMW F- / I- / G- / Mini / RR models and above

– Support vehicles up to 2021 models

– No programming support for E-Series models.

– BMW ISTA-P support Series E

Which software is better?

These are 2 software with different specialized functions, ISTA D is specialized in diagnostics and research. ISTA P software is programming and installation software.
In both ISTA D vs ISTA P, there is no better software, only the most suitable in the process of use. It depends on what model BMW you’re working on, the connected devices you have and what you’re trying to do?

If you are a new technician then this article has shared for you the most basic information to distinguish these two software. In addition, you can refer to the software download instructions here: ISTA P SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD FREE

Above is all the information to help you understand the difference between these two software. Hopefully this article will bring you the most useful information, however if you have any questions about these 2 software, you can contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355.  for the fastest advice and answers. At Eurocartool, there is always a technician department with many years of experience that is always ready to support you 24/7, giving you the best experience.

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