Secret of BMW ENET cable 1st for BMW Technician


BMW ENET cable is a conversion cable designed specifically for coding the control box of BMW F-Series. BMW ENET can perform a variety of functions including hiding modules or programming individual modules. Join Eurocartool to learn details about this conversion cable in the next content.

What is the BMW ENET Cable?

BMW Enet cable is a connection device known by many technicians because of its simple design and ease of use. It is best suited for use with the e-sys software for diagnosing and programming BMW vehicles.


BMW Enet products are manufactured with high-quality materials with anti-interference, good insulation, and high durability, suitable for professional working environments. It is wear-resistant with gold plating and well-shielded connectors.
Pure copper connectors, metal film resistors, and lead-free solder give Enet cable a long service life.

What Function does BMW ENET Cable have?

BMW cable supports Enet Ethernet to Icom interface conversion connection. Besides, the device also has basic features such as:

  • Sound lock/unlock
  • Control DVD while driving
  • Display engine power but engine torque
  • Turn on the voice recognition function
  • Speed ​​display on the digital display
  • Seat belt status display off – driver’s seat
  • Seat belt status display off – passenger seat
  • Seat belt reminder off
  • Microphone setting Support

Support vehicle

Supported BMW models include: The latest BMW F-series, 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, GT, X3 and the latest BMW G-Series.

You can see more BMW diagnostics, programming, and lookup software such as ISTA-P, ISTA-D, ETK,… here: BMW Software 


Currently, Enet equipment is widely used by technicians all over the world because it only uses genuine internal connection equipment. And with only a very low cost, you already own this versatile connection product. Produced with high-quality materials, it will be very durable and suitable for the working environment in the workshop.

However, now this cable is no longer so popular, instead other devices such as BMW ICOM NEXT, and K + DCAN are being used by many technicians because of their ability to do more features and models.

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