Mazda 3 Power Steering Coding Guide

If the control screen on your Mazda 3 shows the steering wheel symbol, accompanied by signs such as the car or the road deviation, the steering system makes a noise,… then your Power Steering is faulty and needs to be re-Coding. Don’t worry, Eurocartool will guide you how to Coding Power Steering Mazda 3 in the article below.

Are you looking for a way to program Mazda Power Steering using IDS software? This article will provide you with the most detailed steps.

Mazda Power Steering error identification signs

Power Steering is a device that connects the steering wheel to the front wheel, allowing users to change direction. For some reason such as the Power steering pump is not working properly or there is a fault in the electrical system. This is a common error in cars like Mazda 3 or other luxury cars.

Signs that Power Steering is broken:

  • Feeling that the steering wheel is loose or difficult to change direction
  • The direction of the car is deflected when moving. at high speed
  • Vehicle moves or veers to the left or right
  • The steering system makes a squealing sound
  • The vehicle will deviate if it enters an uneven road

Also, when Power Steering fails, the vehicle’s control screen will be displayed. display message

Tutorial Coding Power Steering Mazda 3

Equipment and software requirements
To perform Coding Power Steering Mazda 3, you need to be equipped with the following software and equipment:

  • IDS Software New Version
  • VNCI or VCM II (You can use any device that can work with IDS software, however we recommend using VCM II)
  • The computer is equipped with the following configuration: Windows10, at least 4GB RAM, SSD 200G

You can refer to the Panasonic CF19, Panasonic CF53,… These computer models can withstand shocks, good heat dissipation, water, grease, and time. up to 4 hours of battery life.

How to program Mazda power steering control module?

Below are the steps to guide programming mazda 3 power steering fluid when the above error appears

Step 1: Connect the car to the computer with the STIC device

Step 2: : Read the error in the IDS software

Step 3: : Select the Module Reprogramming item => select the EPS control box



Step 4: Replace the old VIN with VIN number of the vehicle and follow the instructions


Step 5: Clear the error and check again


Above are the steps we have shown you how to Coding Mazda 3 Powersteering. If you do not have one of the software or equipment to repair, we can help you remotely via Teamviewer. If you are interested in Mazda products, please refer to Eurocartool’s booth here Car Diagnostic Software

At Eurocartool, we have a team of professional technicians with many years of experience in repairing a wide range of vehicles. If you have any difficulties, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for free advice and timely support.

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