BMW WINKFP Programming software

WINKFP is a factory-generated software for programming or flashing most BMW E-chassis models. It is mostly used to upgrade the modules of a BMW car. It also has diagnostic, checking aif, and other features!

BMW WINKFP information

  • Name: WINKFP software.
  • Type: Coding & programming software.
  • Version: 5.3.1
  • Capacity: 3.9Mb.
  • Language: English.


BMW programming function

WinKFP is factory coding & programming software that can update modules.

This software is used exclusively for programing-flashing control boxes on BMW models. It can be said that this is special software for the BMW E series

Requires computer configuration when installing

  • i5 generation 3
  • Ram 4GB or more
  • SSD256 or more hard drive
  • Windows 10, 11

Connected devices: Icom next, K+can

You can purchase this software in the BMW software package. This combo will provide all the necessary diagnostic, lookup, programming and coding software when repairing BMW models such as ISTA D, ISTA P, EKT, ESYS, BMW Coding Tool, NCS-Expert tool, BMW Ai4.6,…

How to use BMW WINKFP to Update and Flash BMW ECU?

Here are the steps on how to update or program a module using WinKFP:
1. Run the WinKFP software and choose F3:- Update ZUSB.

2. Choose the type of ECU, then the chosen ECU will appear with a list of part numbers.

3. Choose OK, then the main menu re-appears.
4. Choose VIN, then enter your vehicle’s VIN number, and then click OK.

5. Click yes

6. Choose Prog. ZB_update, then confirm the update. The software will then tell the number of times that the module can be re-programmed.

Bmw-winkfp-programming-software-27. Wait until the process is finished.



Above are detailed information about BMW programming software. If you have any difficulty using this software to diagnose your BMW, contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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