Booking Mercedes Remote Service

In the process of auto repair, you may encounter difficulties in clearing errors, turning on-off features, and coding programming,… Understanding that Eurocartool provides Booking Mercedes Remote Service support services online technical support, helping you to repair remotely quickly, saving time and costs.

Eurocartool provides Mercedes remote Service

  • Active/Deactivate Function
  • Coding and programming, service Modul Control
  • Retrofits coding
  • Other services

Active/Deactive Function

Active/Deactive Function is one of the Mercedes remote services provided by Eurocartool. Here are the main services:

  • Active apple car play, android Auto
  • Active AMG menu
  • Active Analog Engine Dials
  • Active Radio Frequency Change USA, EU, Japan, Australia, China, and South American frequencies
  • Active Suspension Calibration
  • Active AMG Car Design on Headunit
  • Active Video in Motion on Headunit
  • Active LED Lights Turn on with Daylights Activated
  • Active Key Warning If Leaving the Car
  • Active LED Lights Turn on with Daylights Activated
  • Activate Remaining Fuel Lites
  • Active Turn Signal Flasher Changed from 3x to 5x
  • Active Hill Assist Start Function
  • Active Coding for Benz Brake Hold Function
  • Active Benz ME97 ECU Changing Vmax
  • Active Hu boot screen change AMG, MAYBACH
  • Active corner auxiliary light
  • Deactivate Tire Pressure Control System
  • Deactivate Seat Belt Warning
  • Deactivate driving to watch DVD restrictions
  • Deactivate Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Deactivate the start and stop function
  • Deactivate Shield SOS
  • Detective the additional battery
  • Active digital tire pressure

Coding and programming,service Module Control

Mercedes remote services provide Coding and programming, service Module Control service;

  • Coding and Programming VGS 1-2-3
  • Coding and Programming New control module, ESP, SRS, PTCM
  • Coding and Programming Headlight control Modul
  • Coding and progrmaing SamF,SamR module
  • Coding reset Adblue no start, no limit, NOx sensor
  • Programing when replaced 48V module no star
  • Coding disabled forever Airmatic control module
  • Update navigation
  • unlock Untitheft head unit, radio command
  • Reset Adblue for diesel

Retrofits coding

Mercedes remote services provide Retrofits coding:

  • Coding Active Park Assist all Parkman 213
  • Coding Distronic Pro w177,247,
  • Coding Backup camera
  • Coding low headlight upgraded with high headlights 212
  • Coding Premium Ambient light, atmosphere W166,292
  • Coding Electric Tailgate, kicking function W 205,222
  • Opne lind spot assist 213,156,
  • Coding mechanic instrument to LCD instrument
  • Coding drive assistance system
  • Coding electric folding mirror
  • Codi ng Off systems: AdBlue, DPF, catalytic converter…

Steps to book a service

Make a booking Mercedes remote service by performing the following steps

Step 1: Access the Booking Service Online section
Step 2: Select a service

Step 3: Fill in customer information, book service schedule

Step 4: Order Booking, Our technician will respond

Step 5: Payment
Step 6: Perform remote support service

Alternatively, you can message us directly via website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest advice and support.

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