Top 3 Mercedes tools for technicians should prepare during car repair


If you want to be a professional Mercedes technician, you also need equipment and Mercedes tools to support you during the repair process. If you are still thinking about what to prepare, this article will give you the Top 3 Mercedes tools that you should prepare. Let’s find out in this article!

Becoming a good technician requires you to have the knowledge and long-term experience in the field of auto repair. It’s a long process, especially when you’re a young technician that needs a lot of learning and practice.

Multimeter ideal- Mercedes tools for Technician

An electronic multimeter is one of the Mercedes tools that you should prepare first. Why is a multi-function watch? Because a technician always has to conduct electrical checks of the vehicle’s mechanical devices.

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The main function of this meter is to measure common electricity with 4 main functions: Measure resistance, measure current, measure DC voltage and measure AC voltage. In addition, there are a number of other types of power meters that also have functions such as measuring resistance, frequency, capacitor, diode, and continuity.

Using a multi-function electronic meter can be considered as a basic step and the first step in the repair process.
There are now many types of multi-function meters for technicians depending on your ability to pay. So you should choose a watch that is both good and affordable.

Disassembly tool

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For a technician, the disassembly toolkit is like a companion wherever you go. Because in order to repair cars, it is definitely necessary to use a disassembly tool (also known as a disassembly kit). Currently, there are many types on the market, the difference between disassembly tools is the material, origin, and number of components in it such as 41-piece, 108-piece, and 150-piece kits,…

When choosing this tool, it’s not necessary to choose more detailed kits. Because using those details depends on how you use them and how you can afford to pay.

Diagnostics tool

Why do you have to use a diagnostic tool?

Using a diagnostic tool will save your time and money in the repair process. Think about it, when you can’t find the error to fix it, it will take you a lot of time to learn about the error and its location. In addition, with luxury cars you need to conduct careful operations, if a wrong operation will cause serious consequences to the car and will cost more.
But when using a diagnostic device, it can read errors and give you exactly where the error is and a detailed repair plan so you can easily fix it without spending too much time and effort.

Some Mercedes tools for diagnostics you can refer to are: SD Connect C4, C6 original, M6

Device C4

Currently, there are two main types of diagnostic tools: Genuine diagnostic tools, Advanced diagnostic tools
These two types of tools differ in cost, connection equipment, vehicle support,…Tools Genuine diagnostics will cost more, so depending on your intended use and affordability you may be able to purchase the diagnostic tools that are right for you.

Above are the Top 3 tools that young technicians should have when they first enter the auto repair engineering profession. Hope this article will bring you the most useful information and you will choose the product that you like.

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