Power steering malfunction is an extremely dangerous system error in cars. Especially when participating in traffic on the road, it can endanger the life of the occupants if this system stops working. When this error is displayed on the center meter, it means that your power steering system has stopped working and the first sign is to hit the volant very heavily or not to turn the volant anymore.

Power steering malfunction on taplo

Power steering or Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is a mechanical device equipped on Mercedes-Benz that helps the driver control the vehicle by reducing the steering force required to steer, making it easier for the vehicle to turn or move. at lower speed.

Causes of Benz Power Steering malfunction

  • Low battery power
  • Fuse on the system
  • power steering pump failure
  • Broken oil distribution valve
  • Having software problem

In this article, we will share how to fix errors that lead to power steering malfunction with specialized coding software.

Equipment and software to prepare for Mercedes power steering malfunction

To code or reprogram the ECU boxes on the Mercedes-Benz system, we need to prepare:

  • software DTS Monaco or Vediamo 
  • Specialized diagnostic equipment for Mercedes cars: C4 (required device)

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Steps to fix errors by software

  • Step 1: Connect DTS Monaco software to the vehicle
  • Step 2: Open DTS Monaco and connect ECU ESP
  • Step 3: Flash Programming ECU ESP
Run flash ECU ESP
  • Step 4: Connect ESP on DTS Monaco
Connect ECU on software
  • Step 5: Select Domain [002] Bremse VA, at “Internal coding” select as shown, and then proceed to code.
Carry out the operation…
  • Step 6: Still in the Domain section, select [003] Lenkung and proceed as step 4.
  • Step 7: Do the same with [004] EinspurmodellPower-steering-malfunction-5



  • Step 8: continue coding from [006] to [011] and then proceed SOFTRESET


After following the above steps, in turn, the esp malfunction will be fixed and your vehicle will be back to normal. Wait about 30 seconds, then restart the car and check if the system is working properly.

Just now is a compilation of steps to re-code ECU ESP to fix Power Steering that we have shared with everyone. However, these operations require users who have a lot of experience in using coding software with absolute precision. If you are inexperienced in this, we are happy to support remote coding by a team of professional technicians. Contact us immediately to minimize the risks encountered.

You can watch more videos about coding and programming power steering malfunction Mercedes c300 at the youtube link below:

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