Instructions for connecting GM MDI2 by wireless

MDI2 is a specialized device for diagnosing and repairing GM vehicles, it is the best device rated by technicians today. However, many technicians have difficulty in connecting this device with Tech2win and GDS2 diagnostic software. In this article, Eurocartool will show you the easiest way to connect.

What is GM MDI2 device?

MDI 2 is a device that many GM technicians love and use in the auto repair process. It makes the repair process faster and easier.

Currently, MDI2 is a highly appreciated device that can connect and use stably with GM’s specialized software. It has the ability to assist technicians in Reading errors and clear errors, View dynamic data of vehicle systems, Activate the actuator, Flash new software to the current ECU to correct driveability problems, Programming new ECUs (PCM, ABS), Instrument cluster, airbags, BCM, …), Programming the key.



GM diagnostic software

Currently, there are 2 software used specifically for GM vehicles, namely Tech2win and GDS 2.

Tech2win is specialized software for reading errors, deleting errors, diagnosing, and programming support for older vehicles. from 2013 and earlier.
GDS2 is diagnostic and programming software for vehicles from 2014 to the present and some models from 2011-2013.

To be able to diagnose and program the vehicle, you need software, a device and a laptop connected to the vehicle via the OBD port. With the help of these software and devices, the repair process of technicians can identify errors and repair them more quickly.


However, many technicians who are new to using this device still do not know how to connect to the software. Eurocartool will guide you through the steps below.

Instructions for connecting the MDI2 to the diagnostic software

You need to first prepare the MDI2 device and the computer with the GM diagnostic software installed. Below are instructions for connecting the device to the software.

Step 1: Check the diagnostic device: push buttons, connectors, wires

Step 2: Turn on the computer and connect to the device

Make sure your computer is connected to the network and has a full battery inside use process.
Step 3: Open GM MDI Manager software


Step 4: Click on the icon of the device, then click “connect”.

Step 5: Select “Network setup”. In the interface control section, click on “Enable Wireless interface”. Then select “Access Point”


Step 6: When the Network name panel appears, select the network address that you are using the computer to connect to.


Step 7: When the Configure Wireless setting panel appears, enter the password, then press “next” and press “Yes”


Step 8: Disconnect Cable and check connect wireless


You can watch the detailed video tutorial on youtube channel is Car diagnostic software

Below is one of the videos you can refer to:

Above is a guide to connect MDI 2 with diagnostic software for you. In the process of implementation, if you have problems, you can contact our technician team for the fastest support. Also, if you want to buy our software and equipment, you can chat with us via our website or WhatsApp: +13155472355.

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