How To deactivate Anti Theft Protection Mercedes Radio?

How to deactivate the Mercedes Anti Theft Protection when replacing the radio box from another vehicle? Anti-theft protection activated Mercedes how to deactivate it? Find out in the article below!

Why Does “Mercedes Anti Theft Protection Is Activated” appear on your car?

When you turn on the Mercedes-Benz Comand system, the screen displays the message “Anti-theft protection activated”, and freezes all system functions, including audio, navigation and features other.

However, the vehicle continues to operate normally after you unlock it with the electronic key before starting it. But after about five seconds after you start the car, the anti-theft protection activation message appears on both the dashboard and head unit displays, making it impossible to access any of the system’s features like FM, navigation, camera or media playback.


Causes of the “Anti theft protection activated Mercedes” mode

Below are the most common causes that lead to activation of the vehicle’s anti-theft system:

  • Weak car battery: The message “Anti-theft function activated” on the Mercedes COMAND screen may appear when the car battery is low, especially in cases where the battery is located under the hood, under the seats or in the trunk. vehicle, depending on the vehicle model. In colder weather, when the vehicle is parked overnight or the battery is old, it may not be able to fully charge, causing the voltage to drop below the required threshold of 11.5 volts. When the voltage drops below this level, the alarm system may activate and display an anti-theft protection message.
  • Radio Unit / Command Unit / Head Replaced: Attempting to change zones in the Engineering Menu may trigger anti-theft protection.
  • Loss of communication between the Command system and the car due to damaged wiring: This loss of communication can cause the anti-theft protection to activate.
  • EIS (electronic ignition switch) replaced and coded incorrectly: To correct this problem, the EIS and new COMAND device need to be recoded correctly.
  • Anti-theft protection is used by the manufacturer Mercedes as a way to prevent the theft of the radio box in the car. When the radio box is disconnected from the battery, it will be disabled and you cannot use any of its functions. However, this feature will also be activated if your battery dies.

In all cases where the radio box is powered off, you will need to perform an unlock with the appropriate Code (PIN) “Mercedes Benz radio code” to get it working again.

Your car radio is protected against theft in the form of a special code that must be entered for the radio while anti-theft protection is activated . This code will also need to be entered into the radio whenever disconnecting, replacing radio or batteries. In most cases, the vehicle owner will not be able to find the code that matches his Radio.

Therefore, deactivating Anti-theft protection Mercedes is the most convenient solution to help you quickly reactivate the functions of your radio. You can use our remote support service or refer to the instructions below.

This service will apply on almost Mercedes models such as: W203, W204, W205, W906, W907, W156, W164, W166, W167 W212, W213, W221, W222, W251, W253, W117, W118, W176, W177…

How to deactivate anti theft protection Mercedes?

When deactivating Mercedes Anti Theft Protection, you need to prepare the accompanying software and equipment. Depending on your finances and vehicle model, you can choose suitable connection devices.

Requirements for Deactivating Anti-theft protection

Below are the software and devices you need to prepare:

  • Laptop diagnostic: I5 Generation 3, Ram 4GB or more, SSD 256 or higher, Windows 10, 11
  • Mercedes Star C4 (you can use other devices like Autel, C5, c6,…)
  • Xentry diagnostic software
  • Vediamo or DTS Monaco offline coding software (Depends on your car model)

Steps to deactivate Mercedes Anti Theft Protection

Step 1: Park the car to prepare to activate the Mercedes Anti Theft Protection

Step 2: Connect the device to the car to deactivate Anti-theft protection function of Radio for Mercedes-Benz cars
Connect the device to the computer then connect the diagnostic device to the vehicle’s OBD2 port.

Step 3: Check the serial number of the Radio. Then install the radio in the car

This serial number of Radio will be used to calculate the PIN code for deactivating Anti-theft protection Mercedes Radio. If you want to get your Mercedes radio code back, you can contact us via WhatsApp +13155472355


Step 4: Diagnose the whole vehicle and read the fault code. Check for errors in the Radio (Head unit) module in Xentry

Error code A40/3-COMAND APS (Head unit)
Clearly displayed information Model, Part number, Supplier, Version


Step 5: Check the error in the Head unit module on the car’s screen

Step 6: Connect the Head unit modules in Vediamo software
Connect the Head unit module in Vediamo

Add pin and confirm pincode in Vediamo


Deactivate-anti-theft-protection-mercedes-radio-5 Deactivate-anti-theft-protection-mercedes-radio-6

Step 7: Disconnect the diagnosis tool. Reset ignition and check Radio protection is gone


If you want to get your Mercedes radio code, you can use our service.
You can watch video how to deactivate Mercedes Anti Theft Protection tutorial here:

Deactivate Mercedes Anti Theft Protection service

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